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Featured Research

Apr 17, 2019

How Influential is Marketing Thought?

In a sophisticated topic modelling analysis of general business publications over the last century, Ivey researchers show that marketing as a discipline is increasingly influential to both general and quantitative practice, and is likely to become more important.
Apr 17, 2019

What is sustainable development in an age of disruption?

In her foreword for the book, Rethinking Strategic Management: Sustainable Strategizing for Positive Impact, Professor Tima Bansal, Director of Ivey’s Centre for Building Sustainable Value, discusses sustainable development in an age of disruption.
Apr 16, 2019

Sustainable development in an age of disruption

In her Guidepost for the Academy of Management, Professor Tima Bansal, Director of Ivey’s Centre for Building Sustainable Value, discusses why sustainable development researchers should consider the impact of disruptions on society and the prosperity of future generations.
Apr 10, 2019

Immigration and Entrepreneurial Activities

The share of immigrants in a country positively relates to the creation, growth, and export activities of new firms, especially in countries with positive attitudes towards immigrants.
Apr 3, 2019

Media Disapproval: Signals of greed, goodness, and CEO Compensation

Media’s assessment of CEO overcompensation is more negative when a firm is engaged in philanthropy.
Apr 1, 2019

Lauren Cipriano, HBA ’05, recognized for advancing health care

Lauren Cipriano, HBA ’05, is the 2019 recipient of the Dr. Maurice McGregor Award from Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health. The award recognizes rising stars in the field of health technology assessment.
Apr 1, 2019

Gleaning for good

Associate Professor Deishin Lee brings a new twist to an age-old practice
Mar 26, 2019

SNC Lavalin affair affecting perceptions of Justin Trudeau’s character

New research by the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership at the Ivey Business School has found perceptions of Justin Trudeau’s leader character have sharply declined in the wake of the SNC Lavalin affair.
Mar 21, 2019

Industry Incentives and CEO Pay

CEO pay gaps in an industry are associated with performance and increased risk.
Mar 19, 2019

Developing the skill sets for tomorrow

In September 2018, we took our global discussion of disruption to Hong Kong. Our third session looked at the growing compliance sector, artificial intelligence threats, and the skill sets for tomorrow.