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Research · Kirk Kristofferson

Virtual reality and marketing

Mar 1, 2019

Woman Wearing VR Headset

As virtual reality becomes more accessible, organizations are investing their time and money to make it part of their marketing strategies.

Assistant Professor Kirk Kristofferson’s newest research explores how marketers can use virtual reality to connect with consumers, and what opportunities and limitations it can have – specifically in the context of charities.

Charities were at the forefront of virtual content, Kristofferson said. They started creating powerful, emotional appeals in virtual reality – putting viewers/consumers in the shoes of the individuals in need – to increase empathy, and ultimately donations.

Prior research suggests eliciting an empathetic response leads to more donations. But does the intense, immersive experience of virtual reality always amplify this positive response, or are there situations in which it may diminish it?

Listen to an interview with Kirk Kristofferson below to learn more about his project and what he discovered.