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Research · Deishin Lee

Gleaning for good

Apr 1, 2019

Basket Of Vegetables

Farmers often face the challenge of having crops waste in the field, even though the food would benefit those who face food crises. To address this problem, not-for-profit organizations organize volunteers to glean this food for the purpose of feeding food insecure individuals.

Associate Professor Deishin Lee’s research helps those organizations coordinate their volunteer gleaning efforts.

“The awareness of food waste, and food insecurity is just much more heightened these days,” Lee said. “Young people want to be involved and want to be part of the solution. What I’ve written about in terms of gleaning, this is one possible solution. Let’s work collaboratively together, so that, as an eco system from farmer to consumer, we can best use our resources and really benefit those in society.”

Listen to an interview with Deishin Lee