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Impact and Faculty Focus Archive: Volume 17

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Volume 17, Number 12 | December 2011

A left shoe and a right shoe
Brian Richter's research shows that corporate social responsibility and political lobbying each work best when used together

Faculty Focus
Anne Snowdon on strengthening health systems through innovation

Volume 17, Number 11 | November 2011

Assessing stewardship
Darren Henderson finds that fair value accounting provides useful information on managers' stewardship. But it doesn't tell the whole story

Faculty Focus
David Simpson on the benefits and challenges of family businesses

Volume 17, Number 10 | October 2011

Strong Assumptions
Neil Bendle's research explores the assumptions that drive marketing strategy

Faculty Focus
Rob Klassen on environmentally and socially responsible supply chain management

Volume 17, Number 9 | September 2011

A nest egg that lasts
Economists are puzzled that retirees seldom buy annuities. The research of Alessandro Previtero helps explain why.

Faculty Focus
Pat MacDonald on learning from the enemy

Volume 17, Number 8 | August 2011

The big squeeze
Yoon Hee Kim investigates what powerful customers want from their suppliers

Faculty Focus
UPDATE: Interview with Ken Hardy on learning from leaders

Volume 17, Number 7 | July 2011

Stretching the Frame
Oana Branzei finds that cross sector partnerships in health care can be a powerful source of value creation

Faculty Focus
Dianne Cunningham dives into Canadian water

Volume 17, Number 6 | June 2011

Negotiating with "CQ"
Lynn Imai's research examines the abilities that managers need to negotiate effectively across cultures

Faculty Focus
Guy Holburn looks at obstacles to renewable energy

Volume 17, Number 5 | May 2011

What your genes say
Greg Zaric's research analyses the cost-effectiveness of genetic testing in health care

Faculty Focus
David Sparling looks at innovative approaches to food processing

Volume 17, Number 4 | April 2011

The dark side of advertising
Advertisers assume that smokers can't resist cigarette ads and non-smokers can. Dante Pirouz shows that the reality is much more complicated.

Faculty Focus
Michael Sider discusses how creativity impacts leadership

Volume 17, Number 3 | March 2011

More than a handshake deal
Dina Ribbink's research shows that written contracts expand when cultural distance widens

Faculty Focus
Tima Bansal and James Larsen discuss Ivey's pioneering sustainability initiatives

Volume 17, Number 2 | February 2011

Co-creating value
Firms from emerging markets are becoming more innovative and mature. Ning Su's research explores the changing face of global outsourcing.

Faculty Focus
Stewart Thornhill shares advice for achieving the entrepreneurial dream

Volume 17, Number 1 | January 2011

Part of the solution
Mike Valente finds that firms in the developing world are well positioned to come up with creative ways to be sustainable

Faculty Focus
Ken Hardy on learning from leaders