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Impact and Faculty Focus Archive: Volume 18

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Volume 18, Number 12 | December 2012

Learning with cases in Africa
Nicole Haggerty, together with a team of Ivey HBA students, is developing African managerial talent

Faculty Focus
Anne Snowdon discusses the misalignment between Canadians' values and the current health-care system.

Volume 18, Number 11 | November 2012

Fulfilling the service provider's mandate
Larry Menor is rethinking service principles and applying them to the management of distinct service systems

Faculty Focus
Faculty Focus is on a short hiatus and will return in December.

Volume 18, Number 10 | October 2012

Offshoring your analytics 
Peter Bell says you should think twice about sourcing your analytics offshore if they're the source of your competitive advantage

Faculty Focus
Innovating for Sustainable Growth: An interview with Tima Bansal

Volume 18, Number 9 | September 2012

Winners and losers in the NHL
Glenn Rowe's research shows how hard it is to be a winner with more than one team

Faculty Focus
Fostering a successful energy sector: An interview with Guy Holburn

Volume 18, Number 8 | August 2012

Travel Lag
Research by Paul Beamish shows that companies need to keep an eye on travel time when setting up new subsidiaries.

Faculty Focus
Faculty Focus is on a short hiatus and will return in September.

Volume 18, Number 7 | July 2012

Towards a safer financial system
Michael King helps policy-makers find a balance between financial innovation and investor protection

Faculty Focus
Interview with Assistant Professor Mike Moffatt on the euro crisis

Volume 18, Number 6 | June 2012

Planting the seeds for business knowledge exchange
The research of Romel Mostafa investigates tacit knowledge

Faculty Focus
Interview with Ivey Professor Gerard Seijts and Associate Professor Candace Gibson of Western's Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry on Teams of Leaders

Volume 18, Number 5 | May 2012

Know Thyself!
Andrew Perkins explores the unconscious mind to discover how consumers make choices

Faculty Focus
Interview with Nicole Haggerty on Ivey program in Africa

Volume 18, Number 4 | April 2012

Bang for the buck
Stephan Vachon shows that sustainable development in operations leads to financial success, but in ways that are surprising

Faculty Focus
Interview with George Athanassakos on the benefits of value investing

Volume 18, Number 3 | March 2012

Entrepreneurial disposition and behaviours
Brian Anderson argues that entrepreneurship scholars need to refocus on managers

Faculty Focus
Interview with David Sparling on businesses and sustainability

Volume 18, Number 2 | February 2012

Toward legitimacy
The research of Jean-Philippe Vergne looks at how arms firms survive and thrive in a socially contested industry

Faculty Focus
Interview with Kanina Blanchard on leading in crises

Volume 18, Number 1 | January 2012

The right incentive
Hubert Pun says manufacturers should think about whether their outside suppliers are producing in-house or outsourcing

Faculty Focus
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