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Archive: Impact and Faculty Focus, Volume 19

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Volume 19, Number 12 | December 2013

Hope and action in the face of fear
Rob Mitchell’s research shows that fear of failure does not always deter an entrepreneur

Faculty Focus
Faculty Focus is on a short hiatus and will return next month.

Volume 19, Number 11 | November 2013

Innovation in China
Research by Christopher Williams explores how managers in China are innovating like never before

Faculty Focus
Good Leaders Learn: Gerard Seijts reveals how good leaders are made through dedication to learning throughout their careers about the kind of leader they want to become.

Volume 19, Number 10 | October 2013

Peer pressure
Firms don’t have to adopt regulatory policy set elsewhere, yet they often do. A recent study by Adam Fremeth shows why.

Faculty Focus
Life in the Lab: Miranda Goode showcases the new space and equipment for the Ivey Research Lab to bring studies on business and consumer topics to life.

Volume 19, Number 9 | September 2013

Learning from accounting history
Vaughan Radcliffe’s research shows that better accounting, in itself, is not enough to change corporate conduct

Faculty Focus
TILT your business:  Niraj Dawar discusses why companies should shift their focus from products to customers

Volume 19, Number 8 | August 2013

Getting ahead in the flexible workplace
Alison Konrad has good news for employees who are worried about using work life benefits

Faculty Focus
Faculty Focus is on a short hiatus and will return next month.

Volume 19, Number 7 | July 2013

Character matters
Mary Crossan is bringing research in leadership character into mainstream management theory and practice

Faculty Focus
Neil Bendle is taking his cartoon e-book, Behavioural Economics for Kids, into the Ivey classroom to make difficult concepts fun and simple.

Volume 19, Number 6 | June 2013

Risky business
Robert Klassen's research shows that managers don't pay enough attention to operational failures in other firms

Faculty Focus
Roger More discusses why leading companies see bundled products and services as a strategic marketing opportunity.

Volume 19, Number 5 | May 2013

The evolution of EMR
Deborah Compeau's research shows the value of a bottom-up approach to building an electronic medical health system

Faculty Focus
Paul Beamish discusses how an AMI-hosted workshop helped local companies bridge the gap to China.

Volume 19, Number 4 | April 2013

Every penny counts
Defenders of penny auctions see them as "entertainment shopping"; June Cotte's research suggests they're gambling

Faculty Focus
Jan De Silva, Dean,  Ivey Asia, discusses how businesses can make the most of the opportunities Asia offers

Volume 19, Number 3 | March 2013

Made in Canada
As new Director of the Lawrence Centre, Paul Boothe is setting his sights on the future of Canadian manufacturing 

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Faculty Focus is on a short hiatus and will return next month.

Volume 19, Number 2 | February 2013

Rising to the top
Where does corporate social responsibility come from? New research from Bryan Hong suggests that it doesn't always start with the CEO

Faculty Focus
Faculty Focus is on a short hiatus and will return next month.

Volume 19, Number 1 | January 2013

What's in your wallet?
Frank Li has found a unique way to measure talent in CEOs - by exploring their pay packages

Faculty Focus
Jean-Louis Schaan discusses the EMBAs' upcoming trip to India and how it increases the participants' global awareness