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Archive: Impact, Volume 20

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Volume 20, Number 12 | December 2014

Investing in healthy employees
Michael Rouse’s research is building a strong business case for workplace wellness programs

Volume 20, Number 11 | November 2014

Accounting as an “actor”
Martin Persson’s research explores how financial models sometimes create what they’re trying to measure

Volume 20, Number 10 | October 2014

The rise of teams
Saurin Patel’s research shows how teams are replacing individuals in the management of mutual funds

Volume 20, Number 9 | September 2014

Two-way street
Binny Samuel’s research helps designers of information systems and their end users better communicate

Volume 20, Number 8 | August 2014

Global boundary spanners
Andreas Schotter researches a special type of manager who helps global organizations succeed in today’s complex world.

Volume 20, Number 7 | July 2014

Fast action, slow reflection
Kenneth Goh’s research helps creative teams find the right work rhythms to manage innovation

Volume 20, Number 6 | June 2014

Chasing numbers
The research of Amos Nadler shows that testosterone affects asset prices

Volume 20, Number 5 | May 2014

Screening for health 
Lauren Cipriano identifies the optimal time to start and stop a health program, and when to collect more information

Volume 20, Number 4 | April 2014

Does CSR pay?
Caroline Flammer’s award-winning research shows a causal link between corporate social responsibility and financial performance

Volume 20, Number 3 | March 2014

Winner take all
The research of Brian Pinkham shows that having a legal education drives a CEO’s foreign investment decisions

Volume 20, Number 2 | February 2014

Leadership under fire
Ann Peng’s research shows that leaders must look to their own behavior before they can expect good conduct from their followers

Volume 20, Number 1 | January 2014

Cushioning the shock
Kersi Antia’s research shows that what co-branded firms do before a crisis helps them to survive it

Faculty Focus
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