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Archive: Impact, Volume 21

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Volume 21, Number 12 | December 2015

Triggering social change
Diane-Laure Arjaliès investigates how financial markets can better integrate sustainability concerns into their investment practices.

Volume 21, Number 11 | November 2015

To “B” or not to “B”
Simon Parker is exploring how benefit corporations can gain a sustainable competitive advantage

Volume 21, Number 10 | October 2015

Forget Big Data: Think Big Analytics
To leverage the impact of Big Data, you need the power of analytics, says Professor Peter Bell

Volume 21, Number 9 | September 2015

Saving Private Sector (and the planet)
Tima Bansal’s research shows that balanced thinking in the boardroom helps the environment and the balance sheet

Volume 21, Number 8 | August 2015

Refining performance
Shaun Yan’s research seeks out ways to improve efficiency within supply chain management

Volume 21, Number 7 | July 2015

The quest to build a better brand map
The research of Niraj Dawar and Charan Bagga reveals how consumers see brands

Volume 21, Number 6 | June 2015

Bridging the gap
Davin Raiha’s research delves into the integration of market and non-market strategies

Volume 21, Number 5 | May 2015

Listen and learn
Building a better tool box for mining consumer preferences 

Volume 21, Number 4 | April 2015

Redesigning copyright
Laurina Zhang’s research makes the case for relaxing copyright law on creative works

Volume 21, Number 3 | March 2015

An intriguing world
Excessive government debt hurts healthy companies the most

Volume 21, Number 2 | February 2015

Signals that work
Larry Plummer’s research on the signals that attract investors can help entrepreneurs get noticed.

Volume 21, Number 1 | January 2015

Under the microscope
Brandon Schaufele studied the impact of the province’s groundbreaking carbon tax and uncovered surprising results