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Faculty Focus | Innovating for Sustainable Growth

Volume 18, Number 10
October 2012

Watch a two-minute interview with Ivey Professor Tima Bansal, Executive Director, Network for Business Sustainability, and Director of Ivey's Building Sustainable Value Research Centre, on how firms can put society first and still be successful.

Although there is an abundance of business sustainability research, it often doesn't reach those who need it most.  That's why the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) was created in 2005 to connect international sustainability experts with business leaders so they can work together on solutions to today's business problems.

"We do an awful lot of good research on business sustainability in business schools, but much of it does not reach managers. The Network provides that place where researchers and managers can meet," said Bansal.

For example, NBS is inviting business managers to an Ivey Idea Forum and workshop on October 30 in Toronto to discuss new business sustainability research and how to put it into practice. At the Ivey Idea Forum, Bansal will give an overview of NBS's upcoming report on innovating for sustainability. The research, led by Richard Adams, focuses on the three stages corporations move through - from operational efficiencies to reduce their environmental and energy footprint, to creating new products, and eventually transforming their models and the systems around them. The event will also include a panel discussion with senior leaders on how innovation has helped create sustainable growth for their organizations.

An NBS workshop with sustainability managers discussing how they innovate for sustainability will follow the Ivey Idea Forum.

NBS also hosted a successful  international conference in April with sustainability leaders from more than a dozen countries.

For more information, please see Network for Business Sustainability.


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