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Faculty Focus | Adding Value to Investing

Volume 18, Number 4
April 2012

Watch a 6-minute interview with Ivey Finance Professor George Athanassakos on the benefits of value investing and his upcoming value investing conference

At a time when market volatility is worrying some investors, value investing is the key to much needed relief.

"Value investors approach investments from a long-term perspective. The short-term developments and volatility does not affect them," said Ivey Finance Professor George Athanassakos, who holds the Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing and is Director of The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing . "They live a more calm and balanced life versus other investors where market volatility takes a toll on them and burns them out."

In order to spread the word about the benefits of value investing, Athanassakos is organizing The Ben Graham Centre's 2012 Value Investing Conference  in Toronto on April 25. Featuring speakers who are experts in finding value and undervalued stocks in a global context, the conference will expose people to the various value investing methods used by practitioners and provide insights gained from the recent financial crisis and ensuing recession.

"Stock markets are going to be increasingly volatile as productivity growth slows, taxes increase and government spending declines, coupled with population growth growing slowly and turning negative in many Western countries, baby boomers retiring and spending their hard-earned money rather than saving and investing, and eventually inflation and interest rates rising," said Athanassakos. "The only way to make money in this environment is to be an active portfolio manager and a disciplined and patient stock picker - like a value investor."

(For more information on the conference, please visit The Ben Graham Centre's 2012 Value Investing Conference) 


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