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Faculty Focus | Eye on Asia

Volume 19, Number 4
April 2013

Watch a 2-minute interview with Jan De Silva, Dean, Ivey Asia, on how businesses can make the most of the opportunities Asia offers. De Silva and David Mulroney, the former Canadian Ambassador to China, are co-chairing the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada's new task force that is examining ways that Canada can boost the country's level of Asia competence.

With China poised to become the world's largest economy, Canadians need to be ready to do business with this emerging superpower.
"What does the growth of Asia mean to a business student today? It's the future," said De Silva. "Their ability to interact, be relevant and do business in the context of a global economy and, particularly in Asia, is going to be incredibly important."
De Silva is part of a team that is examining best practices from around the world when it comes to being successful in Asia. It is also examining the barriers in Canada to greater interaction with Asia, such as language.
"We believe that language capabilities as well as internships are very important for building comfort and familiarity with markets outside of North America," she said.
The task force is part of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada's National Conversation on Asia initiative. For more information, please see The National Conversation on Asia. 


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