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Faculty Focus | The Benefits of Bundling

Volume 19, Number 6
June 2013

Watch a three-minute interview with Roger More whose new book, Marketing High Product/Service Solutions, discusses product/service bundling as a strategic marketing opportunity.

In the increasingly complex business-to-business (B2B) market, companies that adopt the simple one-stop shopping model to provide bundled products and services to value-conscious and time-strapped customers are gaining a competitive edge.

"The companies that bundle best are beating companies that remain product and service individual suppliers. If your competitor is bundling heavily and successfully, you're in a very tough spot," said Ivey Associate Professor Roger More whose new book, Marketing High Product/Service Solutions, illustrates how leading companies such as IBM, Magna and General Electric are getting ahead by offering "super-bundles" of products and services.

"B2B markets have become so much more complex. There are long supply chains. There is fragmentation. There are lots of bits and pieces to every system. By bundling products and services together, a lot of advantages occur."

More's book outlines the critical conditions and necessary questions companies should address before considering the bundling path.

For more information on his new book, please read an interview with More in the latest edition of IBJ.


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