All presentations, except where noted, will be held at Ivey in Room 2125 and will run from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Friday, September 16

Richard Lowery, University of Texas at Austin
"Collusion in Markets with Syndication"

Friday, September 23

Sustainability Showcase
Andrew Crane, University of Bath
Alfred Marcus, University of Minnesota
Jeffery McMullen, Indiana University

Friday, September 30

Tom Lyon, University of Michigan
"A Change Would Do You Good: Privatization, Municipalization and Drinking Water Quality"

Friday, October 14

John Mathieu, University of Connecticut
"Understanding and Enhancing Dynamic Team Phenomena"

Tuesday, October 18

Hanna Halaburda, New York University
"Can We Predict the Winner in a Market with Network Effects? Competition in Cryptocurrency Market"


Friday, October 21

*Held from 12:45-2:05 p.m.

Zhen Zhang, Arizona State University
"Why and When Does a Creative Leader Hinder Follower Creativity? A Six-Wave Longitudinal Study"

Tuesday, October 25

Ravi Subramanian, Georgia Tech
"Are Hazardous Substance Rankings Effective?"

Friday, October 28

Erin Reid, McMaster University
"Men, Women and the Ideal Worker Image"


Friday, November 4
*In room 2120, 8:20 a.m.-5:45 p.m.

Donal Crilly, London Business School, "Time-Space Analogies and Control Beliefs: Why Approaching the Future Makes for Short-Term Thinking"
Fabrizio Ferraro, University of Navarra, "Agreeable Disagreements: Attunement and Cognitive Alignment in Shareholder Engagement"
Joel Gehman, University of Alberta, "Hidden Badge of Honor: How Contextual Distinctiveness Affects Category Promotion Among Certified B Corporations"

Friday, November 11

Gerardo Okhuysen, University of California, Irvine
"What Group Members Want: Investigating Individuals’ Subjective Evaluations of Group Effectiveness"

Tuesday, November 15

David Baron, Stanford University
"Durable Coalitions and Communication: Public versus Private Negotiations"

Friday, November 18

Barbara Kahn, University of Pennsylvania
"A “Wide” Variety: Effects of Horizontal Versus Vertical Display on Assortment Processing, Perceived Variety, and Choice"


Friday, November 25
*In room 1240, 1:15-2:30 p.m.

Mikhail Nediak, Queen’s University
"Dynamic Choice Models of Strategic Customer Behavior for Dynamic Pricing in Continuous Time"
Tuesday, November 29

Damian Beil, University of Michigan
"Supplier Assessments in Total-Cost Auctions"

Friday, December 2

Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership: Best Leadership Paper Award Winner for 2016
James Detert, University of Virginia
"Showing courage: Speaking up when it’s not safe, and other risky, worthy workplace acts"

Friday, December 9

Paul Williams, North Carolina State University
"Assessing the State of the U.S. Accounting Academy: Rigorous Research of Willful Ignorance"

Friday, January 13

Sinziana Dorobantu, New York University
"Valuing Stakeholder Governance: Property Rights, Stakeholder Mobilization, and the Value of Community Benefits Agreements"

Friday, February 3

Min Ding, Penn State University
"Artificial Empathy and Some Applications in Marketing"

Friday, February 17

Jay Shimshack, University of Virginia
"Enforcement Spillovers: Lessons from Strategic Interactions in Regulation and Product Markets"

Friday, February 24 David Godes, University of Maryland
"Media Bias in the Presence of Feedback"
Friday, March 3  Youngjin Yoo, Case Western Reserve University
"From Publishing to Printing: Immateriality of Digital Innovation and New Business Models in the Generative Economy"
Friday, March 10

Colette Depeyre, Dauphine Université Paris
"The impact of organizational forgetting on the cognition of capabilities. The case of a complex engineering project."

Friday, March 17

Cameron Graham, York University
"Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief: Accounting and the stigma of poverty in Toronto during the 1920s"

Tuesday, March 21

Benson Honig, McMaster University
"Ethics in Management Research: Norms, Identity, and Community in the 21st Century"

Tuesday, March 28

Nicole Coviello, Wilfrid Laurier University
"Adaptation in a Digital Environment: Insights from New International Ventures"

Friday, March 31

Rosemarie Ziedonis, Boston University
"Patent Collateral, Investor Commitment, and the Market for Venture Lending"


Faculty Director of Research: June Cotte

Administrative Coordinator: Carly Vanderheyden