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Jiaxiu He

Jiaxiu He


  • Ph.D. in Biostatistics, University of Southern California


  • Data-Driven Model
  • Online Word-of-Mouth
  • Social Media & Business Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Environmental economics


A. Marketing

  • Jiaxiu He (jointly with Xin (Shane) Wang, Mark Vandenbosch, and Barrie Nault). “"Hey, I bought this…!": Assessing the Value of Purchase Verification in Online Reviews” Job Market Paper
  • Jiaxiu He, Xin (Shane) Wang, David Curry. “Mediation Analysis: A New Test When All or Some Variables Are Categorical” in press at International Journal of Research in Marketing

B. Economics

  • Jiaxiu He, Nelson Gouveia, Alberto Salvo. “External Effects of Diesel Trucks Circulating Inside the São Paulo Megacity” under 2nd round review at Journal of the European Economic Association
  • Jiaxiu He, Haoming Liu, Alberto Salvo. “Severe Air Pollution and Labor Productivity: Evidence from Industrial Towns in China” under 2nd round review at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

C. Biostatistics

  • F. Sattler, J. He, S. Letendre, et al. (2015). Abdominal Obesity Contributes to Neurocognitive Impairment in HIV Infected Patients with Increased Inflammation and Immune Activation. Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes, 68(3), 281-288.
  • F. Sattler, J. He, J. Chukwuneke, et al. (2014) Testosterone supplementation improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in some older men with abdominal obesity. Journal of gerontology & geriatric research, 3(3), 1000159.
  • J. He, S. Bhasin, E. Binder, et al. (2013). Cardiometabolic risks during anabolic hormone supplementation in older men. Obesity, 21(5), 968-975.