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Olga Kuryatnikova

Olga is a postdoctoral fellow in Management Science at Ivey Business School. The coordinator of her postdoctoral project is Bissan Ghaddar. The topic of the project is polynomial optimization, with the focus on applications in energy systems optimization. 

Olga's main research direction is conic optimization, and in particular, polynomial, copositive and semidefinite programming. In her PhD dissertation Olga applied conic optimization and symmetry reduction techniques to solve hard optimization problems. Before joining academia, Olga worked as a financial analyst in a rating agency in Russia.


  • Sep 2015 – Sep 2019: PhD in Operations Research, Tilburg University
    Thesis: "The many faces of positivity to approximate structured optimization problems"
    Supervisors: J.C. Vera, R. Sotirov, L.F. Zuluaga
  • Aug 2014 – Aug 2015: Research Master in Operations Research, Tilburg University (cum laude)
  • Aug 2013 – Aug 2014: Master in Econometrics, Tilburg University (cum laude)


  • O. Kuryatnikova and J. C. Vera. New bounds for truthful scheduling on two unrelated selfish machines. Theory of Computing Systems, May 2019. URL
  • O. Kuryatnikova and J. C. Vera. Approximating the cone of copositive kernels to estimate the stability number of infinite graphs. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 62:303 308, 2017. LAGOS17 IX Latin and American Algorithms, Graphs and Optimization.


  • O. Kuryatnikova, J. C. Vera and L.F. Zuluaga. Copositive certificates of non-negativity for polynomials on unbounded sets. ArXiv preprint 1909.06689, 2019.
  • O. Kuryatnikova and J. C. Vera. Generalizations of Schoenberg’s theorem on positive definite kernels. ArXiv preprint 1904.02538, 2019.
  • O. Kuryatnikova and J. C. Vera. Positive semidefinite approximations to the cone of copositive kernels. ArXiv preprint 1812.00274, 2018.

Olga Kuryatnikova

Olga Kuryatnikova

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