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Accepted and Published FT50 Articles

Athanassakos, G., 2022, When it comes to corporate governance, one size does not fit all, The Globe and Mail.

Byrne, J., 2022, A tale of trauma, friendship, and personally relevant research, Academy of Management Learning & Education.

Byrne, J., 2022, What about us? Fostering authenticity in entrepreneurship education, Academy of Management Learning & Education.

Cotte, J., 2023, Helping Those That Hide: Anticipated Stigmatization Drives Concealment and a Destructive Cycle of Debt, Journal of Marketing Research.

Jain, S.; Gualandris, J., 2023, "When does upcycling mitigate climate change? The case of wet spent grains and fruit and vegetable residues in Canada", Journal of Industrial Ecology

Kim, J.J.; Lee, J.H.; Venkatesan, S., 2022 Why Do Funds Make More When They Trade More? Quarterly Journal of Finance

Yu, H.; Bansal, P.; Arjalies, D-L., 2022, International Business is Contributing to the Environmental Crisis, Journal of International Business Studies.

Graham, C.; Persson, M. E.; Radcliffe, V. S.; Stein, M., 2022, The State of Ohio’s Auditors, the Enumeration of Population, and the Project of Eugenics, Journal of Business Ethics,