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Research@Ivey: 2021-07

March 30, 2021

Forthcoming Refereed Articles

Beamish, P.W., Chakravarty, D., 2021, Using the Resource-based View in Multinational Enterprise Research, Journal of Management. 

Fainshmidt, S., Andrews, D.S., Gaur, A., Schotter, A., 2021, Recalibrating Management Research for the Post-COVID Scientific Enterprise, Journal of Management Studies.

Knoll, M., Götz, M., Adriasola, E., Al‐Atwi, A.A., Arenas, A., Atitsogbe, K.A., Barrett, S. Bhattacharjee, A., Blanco C., N.D., Bogilović, S., Bollmann, G., Bosak, J., Bulut, C., Carter, M., Cerne, M., Chui, S.L.M., Di Marco, D., Duden, G., Elsey, V., Fujimura, M., Gatti, P., Ghislieri, C., Giessner, S.R., Hino, K., Hofmans, J., Jønsson, T.S., Kazimna, P., Lowe, K.B., Malagon, J., Mohebbi, H., Montgomery, A., Monzani, L., et al., 2021, International Differences in Employee Silence Motives: Scale Validation, Prevalence, and Relationships with Culture Characteristics across 33 Countries, Journal of Organizational Behavior

Li, C., Shenkar, O., Newburry, W., Tang, Y., 2021, How Country Reputation Differentials Influence Market Reaction to International Acquisitions, Journal of Management Studies

Montgomery, A.W., Dacin, M. T., 2021, Burning Down the House: COVID-19 and Institutions, Journal of Management Studies. 

Mouratidou, M., Grabarski, M. (PhD Candidate), 2021, Careers in the Greek Public Sector: Calibrating the Kaleidoscope, Career Development International

Naderi, B., Roshanaei, V., Begen, M.A., Aleman, D., Urbach, D., 2021, Increased Surgical Capacity without Additional Resources: Generalized Operating Room Planning and Scheduling, Production and Operations Management

Plummer, L.A., Parker, S.C., Reyes, S. (PhD Candidate), 2021, Regional Path Breaking: The Role of Industry Switching, Industry Diversity, and New Knowledge in New Venture ExitEntrepreneurship: Theory and Practice.

Sepehri, A. (PhD Candidate), Duclos, R., Kristofferson, K., Vinoo, P. (PhD Candidate), Elahi, H. (PhD Candidate), 2021, The Power of Indirect Appeals in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Why “S/He” Can Raise More Money For Me Than “I” Can For Myself, Journal of Consumer Psychology.