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Research@Ivey: 2021-12

June 8, 2021

Published Conference Proceedings

Bemgal, S. (PhD Candidate), 2020, Going Beyond ‘How’ to ‘Why’ when exploring IT Phenomena, International Conference on Information Systems.

Li, A. (PhD Candidate), Schotter, A., 2020, MNE Attention and General Manager Succession in Foreign Subsidiaries, Academy of International Business Annual Conference.

Li, A. (PhD Candidate), Schotter A., 2020, First Mover Survival in International Entry Strategy: An Organizational Legitimacy Perspective, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.

Montgomery, W., Lyon, T.P., Robertson, J., 2020, Sustainability: Integrated Strategy and the Design of Industry Sustainability Standards, Academy of Management Conference, ONE Division.

Moorhouse, M. (PhD Candidate), Cotte, J., Wang, X., Ding, A. (PhD Candidate), 2021, Trust, Tension, and Governance in the Sharing Economy: An Integrated Model of Agency and Social Exchange, American Marketing Association Winter Educators’ Conference.

Naranjo, F. (PhD Candidate), Menor, L., Johnson, F., 2020, Towards a Revised Conceptualization and Theorization of Lean Supply Management, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.

Pupco, S., Weatherhead, J., Barling, J., Turner, N., Montgomery, W., 2020, Does Socioeconomic Status Predict Affective Motivation to Lead and Why?, Academy of Management Conference, OB Division.

Schotter, A., Li, A. (PhD Candidate), 2020, Antecedents of General Manager Successions in Multinational Enterprise Subsidiaries, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.

Yu, H., Bansal. T., Arjalies, D-L., 2020, A Place for Sustainable DevelopmenB6:E31ed Resources on the Tibetan Plateau, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.