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June 22, 2021

Published Non-Refereed Articles

Arjalies, D-L., 2020, It’s not too late to make Canada a world biodiversity champion with conservation finance, The Hill Times.

Athanassakos, G.

2020, Do seasonal patterns truly exist in the Canadian stock market? I found out, Globe and Mail.

2020, Is the value premium in Canadian stocks dead, too? You may be surprised, Globe and Mail.

2020 It’s not the popular view, but higher inflation and higher interest rates are coming, Globe and Mail.

2020 Millennials will pay the price for their parents’ luck and self-indulgence, Financial Post.

2020 My students found a rare undervalued stock that fits the Warren Buffett mould, Globe and Mail.

2020 Value stocks are finally getting their revenge. Here’s why their outperformance will continue, Globe and Mail.

2020 Why value investing works in the long run, Globe and Mail.

2020 with Cunningham, L. A. Opinion: Pick one - conformist governance or good capital allocation, Financial Post, December

2021 Opinion: Why are real interest rates and inflation on the way up?, Globe and Mail

2021 Why shorting stocks is bad for your wealth and health, Globe and Mail

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