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July 20, 2021

Published Book Chapters

Arjaliès D-L, 2021, ‘At the Very Beginning, There’s This Dream.’ The Role of Utopia in the Workings of Local and Cryptocurrencies, in Rau RR, Wardrop R, Zingales L (eds.) The Palgrave Handbook of Technological Finance. 

Arjaliès D-L, Bouchet V, Crifo P, Mottis N, 2021, La mesure d’impact et l’Investissement Socialement Responsable (ISR): Un tour d’horizon (Impact Measurement and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI): An Overview), in Tchotourian E, Bres L, Geehand de Merxem L (eds.) Zone frontières et entreprise socialement responsable – Perspective multiple: droit, administration et éthique

Marecek J, Escuerdo FL, Gabrielli F, Lacalandra A, Soroudi A, Mevissen M, Josz C, Ghaddar B, Crothey A, McKinnon K, 2021, Network and Storage, in Hadjidimitriou S, Frangioni A, Koch T, Lodi A (eds.) Mathematical Optimization for Efficient and Robust Energy Networks. 

Maurer C, Miner A, Crossan M, 2021, VSR models of change as normative practical theory, in Poole MS, Van de Ven AH (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Change and Innovation, 2 edition.

Monzani L, Van Dick R, 2020, Positive Forms of Leadership, in Peiró JM (ed.) The Oxford Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology,  Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 

Sarta A, Grace C, 2020, Next-Generation Financial Advice: Reimagining Wealth Management in the Age of Technology, in King M, Nesbitt RW (eds.) The Technological Revolution in Financial Services