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November 23, 2021

AOM Presentations and Participation

Antonacopoulou, E. A., Spirituality, Entrepreneurship and Social Change.  Participant

Antonacopoulou, E. A., Bringing back the Manager into Management: The Role of Reflexivity in Leadership Practice.  Organizer

Antonacopoulou, E. A., Intuition in Organizations: New Applications of Intuition Research.  Participant

Antonacopoulou, E. A., Intuiting Afresh: Activating ‘CORE Intelligence'.  

Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Bento, R. F., Rethinking Entrepreneurial Leadership for Compassionate Change.

Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Branzei, O., Toward the Humanistic Manager and Transformative Management & Organizing: Editors Panel & Let's Go!.  Facilitator

Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Nizamidou, C.; Mavromati, M.; Vouzas, F., The Role of Reflexivity in Bringing the Manager back into Management and Leadership Practice.

Arjalies, D-L., Is Sustainability a Journey or a Destination and Why It Matters for Theory and Practice. Distinguished Speaker

Arjalies, D-L., Decolonizing Meanings of Nature: Indigenous Perspectives on the Anthropocene and Gaia.  Organizer

Austin, R. D., Case Discussion with Award-Winning Case Author, Rob Austin, Professor at Ivey Business School.

Banerjee, B.; Arjalies, D-L., Decolonizing Organization Theory in the Age of the Anthropocene and Gaia.

Bansal, P., Managing for the Distant Future: A Research Agenda for the Fight Against Climate Change. Discussant

Choudhary, A.; Najjar, N.; Klassen, R. D., Implications of Temporal Orientation for Sustainability Risk.

Costales, E.; Zeyen, A.; Branzei, O., The Spatial Dimension of Social Entrepreneurship: Manifesting the Imaginary during COVID19.

Crossan, M. M., Bringing back the Manager into Management: The Role of Reflexivity in Leadership Practice.  Participant

Diebel, W. (PhD Candidate); Gualandris, J.; Klassen, R., Supply-Network Effects on Supplier Environmental Disclosure.

Faik, I., Imagining Management Research In Human-Centered & Digital-Powered Convergence Science and Innovation.  Discussant

Gan Soh, W.; Bento, R. F.; Rigg, C.; Antonacopoulou, E. A., Cultivating a ‘Reflexive Mindset’: Lessons from Reconfiguring the Internal Audit Function.

Gu, E. (PhD Candidate); Rahrovani, Y.; Austin, R. D., Role of Digital Technology in Product Meaning Innovation: A Design Perspective.

Hawkins, B.; Edwards, G.; Moldjord, C.; Sklaveniti, C.; Stokkeland, C.; Antonacopoulou, E. A., Characterizing Reflexivity according to Content, Process and Outcome.

Huner, E.; de Gannes, N., Managing for Diversity.

Joshi, M.; Su, N., Custodians of Rationality: Data Scientists’ Informing Practices and Organizational Decision-Making.

Kim, N. K.; Lim, D. S. K., Diversity in Coworking Spaces: A Comparative Keyword Analysis of Online Customer Reviews.

Klassen, R. D., OSCM Division Meet the Journal Editors Panel.  Panel

Konrad, A. M., Making Your Research Matter: Broadening the Meaning of Impact.  Facilitator

Li, A.; Beamish, P. W.; Schotter, A., General manager successors in local-market-seeking subsidiaries of MNEs: A multiple-case analysis.  

Li, C., Is Government Interventionism More Beneficial to Multinationals than the Free-market System?.  Organizer

Luo, R. (PhD Student), Is Sustainability a Journey or a Destination and Why It Matters for Theory and Practice.  Organizer

Meyer, K. E., Writing Better Theory.  Panel

Meyer, K. E., How to Bring the Manager Back in Management: Views from Highly Cited Scholars.  Panel

Meyer, K. E., International Management Division Paper Development Workshop - Part 2.

Meyer, K. E., International Management Division Paper Development Workshop - Part 1.  Participant

Montgomery, A. W., Navigating Qualitative Dissertations: Advice from the Experts.  Facilitator

Montgomery, A. W., Jolts: Positive and Negative Effects of COVID-19.  Session Chair

Montgomery, A. W.; Leitzinger, J. M., From Shutoff to Shutdown: Mobilizing to Demarketize Water in the Face of Intersecting Crises.

Quinn, A., Celebrating A Decade of Academic Advancement in Crowdfunding.  Participant

Quinn, A.; D’Mello, J., Facts vs. Folklore of Founding Teams: Let’s Talk with the Trailblazers. Moderator Facilitator

Rao, K.; Fremeth, A.; Holburn, G., When do Firms and Environmental Activists Cooperate?: Evidence from the US Electric Utilities Sector.

Rawski, S. R., Research in the Wild: Best Practices and Recommendations for Conducting High-Quality Field Research.  Panel

Robertson, J. L.; Montgomery, A. W., Employees’ Response to Corporate Greenwashing.               

Rodrigues Alves, M. F.; Marchiori Pacheco, L.; Kim, N.; Branzei, O.; Ferreira Caldana, A. C.; Santos, N., Getting Ahead of Yourself: How to Close the Gap Between What Organizations Say and Do.

Schotter, A.; Meyer, K., International Management Division Doctoral Student Consortium + Junior Faculty Consortium.  Participant         

Shantz, A.; Sayer, M. J.; Byrne, J.; Dempsey-Brench, K.; Kavanagh, S., In the eye of the storm: Turbulent times and the MBA.

Shin, S.; Lee, J.; Bansal, P., Moving Towards a Stakeholder Orientation: Evidence from the Analyses of Chief Executive Dismissal.

Soh, W. G.; Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Rigg, C.; Bento, R. F., Embedding a ‘Reflexive Mindset:’ Lessons from Reconfiguring the Internal Auditing Function.

Stallkamp, M.; Schotter, A., Scaling, Fast and Slow: Business Models and the Internationalization of Digital Firms.

Su, N., The 3D printing revolution is here? The impact of 3D printing on managers and the innovation process.  Organizer

Wu, X.; Konrad, A. M., Does Age Diversity Benefit Team Outcomes, if so, When and How? A Moderated Mediation Model.