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December 7, 2021

Published PhD Dissertations

Ahmed, N, Two Essays On Innovation In Artificial Intelligence: Corporate R&D And Firm-level Publications Strategy, Advisor: Vergne, J-P

Bemgal S,  2021, A Critical Realist Evaluation of a Hospital Laboratory IT-Enabled Transformation, Advisor: Haggerty N

Chung D,  2021, Essays on Entrepreneurial Joiners and How to Recruit Them, Advisor: Parker S

Goswami K,  2021, Entrepreneurial Action by Métis and First Nations entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan: Similarities and differences with established notions of Entrepreneurial Action, Advisors: Plummer L; Parker S

Grabarski M,  2021, I’ve Got the Power!  Agency, Empowerment, and Motivation in Career Management, Advisor: Konrad A

Joshi M,  2021, Organizing for- and in- the Digital Age: A Case of the Indian Banking Industry, Advisor: Su N

Kim N,  2021, Three Essays on Corporate Sustainability Language, Advisors: Branzei O; Wang X

Li A,  2021, General Manager Succession in Multinational Enterprise Subsidiaries, Advisors: Beamish P; Schotter A

Moorhouse M,  2021, Trust and Bias in Peer-to-Peer Ratings: Why Peer-to-Peer Service Ratings are Nearly Always Positive, and How They Can be Fixed, Advisor: Cotte J

Naranjo F,  2021, Lean Supply Management in the Canadian Agri-food Sector, Advisors: Johnson F; Menor L

Rao K,  2021, Perspectives on Firm Strategies in the Non-Market Environment, Advisor: Holburn G

Ryoo JH,  2021, Essays on Information Asymmetry and Leakage, Advisor: Wang X

Sarta, A, 2021, Adaptation and Its Onset: Signals of Financial Innovation that Trigger Strategic Attention in Financial Services, Advisor: Vergne, J-P

Sepehri A,  2021, Ideas Worth Spreading? Adverse Effects of Information Load in Online Communications, Advisor: Duclos R

Taylor, K, Effectiveness of Social Enterprises: Aligning Strategies and Supply Chains for Impact, Advisor: Vachon, Stephan

Xu T,  2021, Portfolio Entrepreneurs in China: A Mixed Methods Study, Advisor: Parker S

Yu H,  2021, Organizing and sustainable development between the local and global: The case of a Tibetan enterprise, Advisor: Bansal T