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Research Update

2019-37, October 21, 2019

PhD Theses Awarded

Astvansh, V., 2018, Toward a Better Understanding and Management of Product Recall, Advisor: Antia, K.

Chapardar H., 2019, Industry Self-Regulation and Government: A Study of a Hybrid Regulatory Model to Realize the Circular Economy, Advisor: Bansal, P.

Lyons, J., 2019, A Study in Three Practical Management Science Problems, Advisors: Begen, M., Bell, P. (Emeritus)

Necas, Z., 2018, Corporate Innovation Activism in a Multidivisional Firm: Rationale, Genesis, Evolution, Advisor: Rowe, W.G.

Nguyen, P., 2019, Two Essays on Consumer-Generated Reviews: Reviewer Expertise and Mobile Reviews, Advisors: Wang, X., Cotte, J.

Song, H-C., 2019, Three essays on organizational paradox, history, and resilience: An ethnography of Buddhist temples, Advisor: Bansal, P.

Sycheva, A., 2019, What Do We Learn From Errors? Multidimensionality and Motivational Underpinnings of Error Learning, Advisor: Olivera, F.


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