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Update: 2017-06

February 13, 2017

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Beamish, P.W., Chakravarty, D. (PhD Candidate), Schotter, A., (June, 2016), Hassle Factor, Expatriates, and Subsidiary Performance, Association of Japanese Business Studies Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Beamish, P.W., Zhang, M., (June, 2016), MNE Ownership, Subsidiary Survival, and Economic Liberalization, AIB Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Cipriano, L.E., (June, 2016), Patient prioritization in disease-specific-treatment budgets, Edmonton Health Economics Workshop, Edmonton, AB. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta, Invited speaker

Cipriano, L.E., (June, 2016), Patient prioritization in for hepatitis C treatment, Alberta Health, Edmonton, AB. Invited speaker

Goh, K.T., Peng, A.C., Begen, M.A., (July, 2016), A Moderated-Mediation Model of the Effect of Variation in Efficacy Beliefs on Team Performance, INGRoup, Helsinki, Finland.

Johnson, P.F., (June, 2016), The Next Big Thing in Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management Association Annual Conference, Niagara Falls, ON.

Liaw, C.Y., Chen, S-F.S., (July, 2016), When Should a Foreign Chain Allow the Local Developer to Cobrand an International Franchised Hotel: A Principal-Agent View and Empirical Evidence, Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Maxwell-Smith, M., Johnson, A., Rotman, J. (PhD Candidate), (June, 2016), Outsourcing, Social Dominance Ideologies, and Buying as Domination or Elevation, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Minneapolis, MN.

Naoum-Sawaya, J., (July, 2016), Branch and Price for the Mobile Targets Vehicle Routing Problem, 5th International Symposium on Operational Research, Athens, Greece.

Naoum-Sawaya, J., (July, 2016), Vehicle Routing Problem with Floating Locations, EURO, Poznan, Poland. Invited speaker

Odegaard, F., (June, 2016), Adaptive Dynamic Stochastic Knapsack Problem with Interaction, INFORMS Revenue Management, New York, NY. Invited speaker

Peng, A.C., Zeng, W., (June, 2016), Workplace ostracism and Antisocial and Prosocial Behavior: The Moderating Role of 360 degree feedback, International Association of Chinese Management Research, Hangzhou, China (PRC). Round Table Discussion on Negative Side of Work

Rouse, M.J., Elia, J., Burke, S., Zaric, G.S., (July, 2016), Ivey Idea Forum; The Talent Series | Phase two of study outlines the value of wellness programs to Canadian Businesses, Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre, Toronto, ON.

Sapp, S., Kaul, A., Philips, B., (June, 2016), Cross Country Issues on Credit, Banking, Asset Pricing, and Market Liquidity, Financial Innovation, China (PRC).

Vachon, S., (July, 2016), Environmental Management and Supply Chain Uncertainty, Environmental and Sustainability Accounting Management Network, Incheon, Republic of Korea.

Vachon, S., (June, 2016), Does it Pay to be Green?, 6th Annual London Environmental Forum, London, ON.

Vachon, S., (June, 2016), Innovating to Curb Climate Change: An International Perspective, Environmental and Sustainability Accounting Management Network, Manado, Indonesia. Keynote speaker

Zhang, L., (June, 2016), High on Innovation: The Impact of Liberalization Policies on Innovation, NYU Stern, New York, NY.

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