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Update: 2017-07

February 21, 2017

Forthcoming Refereed Articles

Babashov, V., Aivas, I., Begen, M.A., Cao, J.Q., Rodrigues, G.B., D'Souza, D., Lock, M., Zaric, G.S., 2017, Reducing Patient Wait Times for Radiation Therapy and Improving Treatment Planning Process: A Discrete-event Simulation Model, Clinical Oncology.

Bansal, P., Kim, A.K., Wood, M.O., 2017, Hidden in Plain Sight: The Importance of Scale on Organizational Attention to Issues, Academy of Management Review.

Coles, J., Li, F., Wang, A., 2017, Industry Tournament Incentives, Review of Financial Studies.

Crossan, M.M., Byrne, A., Seijts, G.H., Reno, M., Monzani, L.M., Gandz, J. (Emeritus), 2017, Toward a Framework of Leader Character in Organizations, Journal of Management Studies.

Dixon, M.J., Victorino, L., Kwortnik, R.J., Verma, R., 2017, Surprise, Anticipation, and Sequence Effects in the Design of Experiential Services, Production and Operations Management.

Kopalle, P., Fisher, R.J., Sud, B.L., Antia, K.D., 2017, The Effects of Advertised Quality Emphasis and Objective Quality on Sales, Journal of Marketing.

Roberts, M., Beamish, P.W., 2017, The Scaffolding Activities of International Returnee Executives: A Learning Based Perspective of Global Boundary Spanning, Journal of Management Studies.

Schotter, A., Buchel, O., Vashchilko, T., 2017, Interactive Visualization for Research Contextualization in International Business, Journal of World Business.

Seijts, G.H., Crossan, M.M., Carleton, E., 2017, Embedding Leader Character into HR Practices to Achieve Sustained Excellence, Organizational Dynamics.

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