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Update: 2017-10

March 13, 2017

Published Refereed Articles

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Funding Opportunities

CIFAR Research Workshops

CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) has launched a new opportunity to explore key questions of global importance that can best be addressed through interdisciplinary, international teams. CIFAR invites the global research community to submit proposals for workshops that are centred on complex, fundamental questions of importance to the world. CIFAR will provide up to $50,000CAD to support short-term, time-limited interactions between 10-20 participants. At least one researcher must be based in Canada. Other participants are expected to be geographically diverse.

Open Call
The open call is now accepting workshop proposals from any field of humanities, engineering, social, natural, or biomedical sciences that address critical questions of global importance. Open call workshop proposals will be accepted and assessed on a rolling basis. Please visit the workshop website for more information about the open call, including proposal requirements, evaluation criteria and more.

Target Areas
CIFAR will be launching targeted calls in the areas of Child Well-being, Quantum Science, Brain/Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Energy. Proposals submitted under these themes will be assessed based on a predetermined timeline; there will not be rolling submissions. Child Well-being will be the first target area, with an anticipated launch in early March. Please continue to visit the workshop website for more information about the target areas.

Amount: $50,000 max


Western: Antoinette Martin, ext. 84620


Note: ROLA form required for both the Open Call and Target Areas.

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