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Update: 2017-14

April 10, 2017

Special Mention

Congratulations go out to Ning Su! He’s recently been selected as one of “The 40 Most Outstanding MBA Professors Under 40” by Poets and Quants. From a large pool of professors, each candidate was evaluated by Poets and Quants based on the quality of his or her scholarly research, the impact of scholarship as measured by publication in academic journals, and the ability to teach. Not only has it been a record year for the number of nominees and nominations for this accolade, but Ning topped them all, breaking the previous record held by a professor from Harvard Business School in 2016. Ning and Ivey are featured by Poets & Quants, and Ning stands in good company with professors from notable business schools such as Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Yale, NYU, Stanford, Toronto, McGill, and LBS.  Way to go Ning!

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Butt, M. (PhD Candidate), Antia, K.D., Murtha, B., Kashyap, V., (February, 2017), Clustering, Governance, and Individual Outlet Sales: A Multi-Year Analysis of an Evolving Franchise System, Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, Orlando, FL.

Butt, M. (PhD Candidate), Antia, K.D., Wathne, K.H., Fisher, R.J., Wang, X., (February, 2017), Crisis Management in a Co-Branding Alliance Network, Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, Orlando, FL.

Dawar, N., (January, 2017), Marketing Implications of Emerging Trade Patterns, 7th Annual Marketing in Emerging Economies Conference, IIIM-A, Ahmedabad, India. Keynote speaker

Dawar, N., (January, 2017), Marketing in Emerging Markets: Lessons for Multinationals and Local Players, Emerging Markets Conference Board annual conference, IIM-L, Delhi, India. Keynote and panel discussion

Maurer, C.C., (February, 2017), Leader character as a basis for organizational diversity, TD University, Mount Laurel, NJ. Invited speaker

Radcliffe, V.S., (March, 2017), The State of Government and Nonprofit Accounting Research, Midyear Meeting of the Government and Nonprofit Section, American Accounting Association, Long Beach, CA. Invited speaker

Radcliffe, V.S., (December, 2016), The Formation of Ideas and Practices in Government Auditing, Qualitative Accounting Research Symposium, Guelph, ON. Invited speaker

White, R.E., Neufeld, D.J., Roghanizad, M., (March, 2017), Predicting Cooperativeness: A Media Naturalness Experiment, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

White, R.E., Neufeld, D.J., Roghanizad, M., (January, 2017), Media Naturalness and the Ability to Predict Generosity in a Give-Some – Get-Some Interaction, HICSS conference, Waikoloa Village, HI. Presented by Rod, nominated for best paper

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