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Update: 2017-15

April 24, 2017

Published Refereed Articles

Babashov, V., Begen, M.A., Mangel, J., Zaric, G.S., 2017, Economic Evaluation of Brentuximab Vedotin for Persistent Hodgkin Lymphoma, Current Oncology, 24 (1): e6-e14.

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Shin, D.J., Konrad, A.M., 2017, Causality Between High-Performance Work Systems and Organizational Performance, Journal of Management, April, 43 (4): 973-997.

On A Practical Note...

Western now has full text access to the BCC Research database (for market research reports) via Western Libraries.

This is the result of a successful collaboration between WORLDiscoveries and the UWO library system and builds upon the ongoing collaboration on the Frost & Sullivan market research subscription. The BCC subscription is a pilot project at this stage, so please use this resource to ensure funding will be continued.

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