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Update: 2017-23

July 3, 2017

Published Non-Refereed Articles

Arjalies, D-L., 2017, ESG: What Should Plan Sponsors Expect?, Canadian Investment Review, April.

Athanassakos, G., 2017, Are We Headed for a Crash?, Canadian Investment Review, February.

Athanassakos, G., 2017, Trump’s Tax Reforms Could Mean Trouble for Stocks, Canadian Investment Review, May.

Bendle, N.T., 2016, Setting Effective Marketing Metrics, WARC, September.

Cipriano, L.E., Zaric, G.S., 2017, A Game We Should All Be Playing, Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM) Newsletter, Winter.

Foerster, S.R., 2017, In Memory of Stephen A. Ross, Journal of Investment Management, Second Quarter, 15 (2): 2-7.

Foerster, S.R., 2017, The Legacy of Jack Treynor: Friends Reflect, Journal of Investment Management, Second Quarter, 15 (2): 8-12.

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