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Update: 2017-27

August 21, 2017

Forthcoming Refereed Articles

Aribarg, A., Otter, T., Zantedeschi, D., Allenby, G.M., Bentley, T., Curry, D., Dotson, M., Henderson, T., Honka, E., Kohli, R., Jedidi, K., Seiler, S., Wang, X., 2017, Advancing Non-Compensatory Choice Models in Marketing, Customer Needs and Solutions.

Begen, M.A., Fung, R., Granot, D., Granot, F., Hall, C., Kluczny, B., 2017, Evaluation of a Centralized Transportation Assistance System for Passengers with Special Needs at a Canadian Airport, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics.

Butt, M. (PhD Candidate), Antia, K.D., Murtha, B., Kashyap, V., 2017, Clustering, Knowledge Sharing, and Intrabrand Competition: A Multiyear Analysis of an Evolving Franchise System, Journal of Marketing.

Cerasuolo, J.O., Cipriano, L.E., Sposato, L.A., Kapral, M.K., Fang, J., Gill, S.S., Hackam, D.G., Hachinski, V., 2017, Population-based Stroke and Dementia Incidence Trends: Age and Sex Variations, Alzheimer's & Dementia.

Ghamat, S. (PhD Candidate), Zaric, G.S., Pun, H., 2017, Payment Contracts to Promote Use of Optional Diagnostic Tests in Cancer Treatment, Production and Operations Management.

Hannouf, M.B., Winquist, E., Mahmud, S.M., Brackstone, M., Sarma, S., Rodrigues, G.B., Rogan, P.K., Hoch, J.S., Zaric, G.S., 2017, The Clinical Significance of Occult Gastrointestinal Primary Tumours in Metastatic Cancer: A Population Retrospective Cohort Study, Cancer Research and Treatment.

He, J. (Post-doc), Wang, X., Curry, D., 2017, Mediation Analysis: A New Test When All or Some Variables are Categorical, International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Legenvre, H., Gualandris, J., 2017, Innovation Sourcing Excellence: Three Purchasing Capabilities for Success, Business Horizons.

Mahjoub, R., Odegaard, F., Zaric, G.S., 2017, Evaluation of a Pharmaceutical Risk-sharing Agreement When Patients are Screened for the Probability of Success, Health Economics.

Sartor, M.A., Beamish, P.W., 2017, Host Market Government Corruption and the Equity-Based Foreign Entry Strategies of Multinational Enterprises, Journal of International Business Studies.

Funding Opportunities

SSHRC Webinars

SSHRC will be holding a series of webinars for applicants and research administrators on upcoming competitions.

The webinars will be held via Adobe Connect at the following times:

Webinar Date
Partnership Engage Grants Wednesday, August 23rd
12:00-13:30 ET
Insights Grants Thursday, September 7th
13:30-15:30 ET
Partnership Development Grants Tuesday, October 17th
14:00-16:00 ET
Partnership Grants - Stage 1 Wednesday, October 18th
12:00-14:00 ET
Connection Grants Wednesday, November 8th
12:30-15:00 ET

Registration is not required in advance and a question and answer period will follow the presentation. With Adobe Connect, questions must be submitted in writing.

To join via Adobe Connect:

  • Click on the Adobe Connect webinar link on the date and time specified.
  • Enter your name, and press “Enter Room”.
  • Adjust the volume on your computer.

First time attending an Adobe Connect meeting?

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