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Update: 2017-29

September 5, 2017

Academy of Management Conference


In early August, Paul Beamish was the honoured recipient of the PWC Strategy& Eminent Scholar Award. The award is presented by the International Management Division of the Academy of Management at the Annual Conference to an established academic for lifetime achievement in international management scholarship. Paul is a world-renowned scholar for his work in the international management field and this award is a reflection of his many contributions. This is a great achievement, congratulations Paul!

News from the PhD Office

The PhD Office is pleased to announce that PhD Grad Vanessa Hasse was awarded the 2017 International Management Division D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Dissertation Award at the Academy of Management Conference, held in Atlanta, GA in August. Vanessa’s thesis, “Responses to Subpar Performance in Foreign Subsidiaries,” supervised by Paul Beamish, was also recently nominated for the 2017 Buckley and Casson Academy of International Business Dissertation Award. This is outstanding, congratulations!

The research of another recent PhD graduate was also recognized at the Academy of Management Conference. PhD Grad Yanfei Hu and advisor Claus Rerup’s paper, "Mediating Human Rights-based Change in an Authoritarian State", was a Finalist for the 2017 Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices Award in the Organization and Management Theory Division. In addition, Yanfei’s thesis research, “Structuring an Authoritarian Country with Western Concepts of Human Rights’ between Actor and Context” won the Best Student Paper Award, EGOS Colloquium last year. Congrats Yanfei on this accomplishment!

Best Paper Awards

Arjalies, D-L., Durand, R., Carolyn Dexter Award, Best International Paper in Social Issues in Management, “Category Reloaded: The Case of Socially Responsible Investment.”

Flammer, C., Hong, B., Minor, D., 2017 Distinguished Paper Award, Business Policy and Strategy Division, “Corporate Governance and the Rise of Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility Criteria in Executive Compensation: Antecedents and Outcomes.”

Conference Presentations and Speeches

* Best Paper Proceedings

Affinito, S., Raz, K., Fragale, A., Gobeille Snyder, D., Authority without Admiration: The Negative Treatment of Low Status Powerholders. Organizational Behaviour Division

Arjalies, D-L., Durand, R., Category Reloaded: The Case of Socially Responsible Investment. Social Issues in Management Division

Austin, R.D., Lean Startups and Innovation Strategy: Towards a New Paradigm?

Bansal, P., Doing and Publishing Research at the Interface of Research and Practice. Organizer

Bansal, P., INSIDE/OUT: How Authors and Editors Collaborate on Theoretical Contribution. Discussant

Bansal, P., New Ways of Seeing Through Underutilized Qualitative Research Methods. Session Chair

Branzei, O., At the Interface: Building Paradigmatic Bridges Across Disciplinary Boundaries. Facilitator

Branzei, O., Bansal, P., SIM-ONE Junior Faculty Consortium.

Crossan, M.M., Nguyen, B. (Post-doc), Sturm, R.E., Vera, D., Ruiz Pardo, A., Character, Competence, and Performance: A Case Study. Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Division

Fathallah, R., Branzei, O., Business as usual? How Entrepreneurs Adapt to Cumulative Adversity. Entrepreneurship Division

* Flammer, C., Hong, B., Minor, D., Corporate Governance and the Rise of Integrating CSR Criteria in Executive Compensation. Business Policy and Strategy Division

Fremeth, A., Shocks and Competitive Consequences: Landscapes of Churn, Burn or Renewal. Business Policy and Strategy; Organization and Management Theory; and Technology and Innovation Management Divisions. Participant

Grabarski, M. (PhD Candidate), Meaning and Balance Across Career Boundaries. Session Chair

Grabarski, M. (PhD Candidate), Konrad, A.M., Hurst, C., Can’t Silence Me: When Employees Can’t Speak Up. Social Issues in Management Division

Hasse, V.C. (PhD Grad), Beamish, P.W., Speed of Response to Subpar Performance in Foreign Subsidiaries. International Management

* Kim, N. (PhD Candidate), Branzei, O., Divided We Stand: The Policy Bifurcation of Fields in the Aftermath of Critical Events. Organizations and the Natural Environment Division

Konrad, A.M., A Dialogue on How a Trump Presidency May Affect Equality, Diversity And Inclusion.

Konrad, A.M., DIG 5 Year Review Meeting.

Konrad, A.M., Incoming and Outgoing DIG Chairs Meeting.

Konrad, A.M., Managing the Dependence, Use and Quality of Natural Resources.

* Konrad, A.M., Yang, Y., A Dynamic Capabilities Approach to Managing the Diversity-Meritocracy Paradox. Gender & Diversity in Organizations

Laurel, D., Arjalies, D-L., Selling Social Issues in the Absence of Strategic Arguments. Social Issues in Management Division

Lim, D.S.K., Kim, N.K. (PhD Candidate), Human Capital, Institutions, and Engagement in Entrepreneurship: A Multi-Level Study. Entrepreneurship Division

Monzani, L.M., Seijts, G.H., Crossan, M.M., Ruíz Vargas, E., An Application of Network Theory to the Comparison of Multi-Source Ratings of Leader Character. Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Division

Olivera, F., MacMillan, K., Not So Perfectly Frank: Getting Clear on Organizational Candor. Entrepreneurship Division

Schotter, A., Regional Perspectives on Internationalization. International Management Division, Session Chair

Seifzadeh, P., Rowe, W.G., Corporate Strategy HQ Information Processing Capacity, and Corporate Control Mechanisms. Business Policy and Strategy Division

Seijts, G.H., The Effect of Leader Character on Individual, Team and Organizational Processes and Outcomes. Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Division, Organizer

Shafiq, A., Johnson, P.F., Klassen, R.D., Supplier Social Engagement and Performance in Supply Chains: An Exploratory Study. Operations and Supply Chain Management

* Shulist, P., Branzei, O., Different paths to the same Business: A Micro-level view of Entrepreneuring via Replication. Entrepreneurship Division

* Song, H-C. (PhD Candidate), Bansal, P., A Multiple-Level Exploration of The Paradoxical Tensions in a Buddhist Temple. Organization and Management Theory Division

Su, N., Engaging Students in the Digital Age Through Experiential Cases & Developing Publishable Cases.

Suurmond, R., Menor, L.J., Wynstra, F., Innovation Processes and Structures in Service Triads. Operations and Supply Chain Management Division

Sycheva, A. (PhD Candidate), Olivera, F., What Is Learned from Errors: Development and Validation of a Learning from Errors Inventory. Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division

Tietz, M.A., Parker, S.C., Corporate Involvement and the Performance of Internal Corporate Ventures. Entrepreneurship Division

Zbaracki, M., New Faculty Consortium 2017. Business Policy and Strategy Division, Panel

Funding Opportunities

MITACS Information Session

Mitacs provides flexible research funding for collaborations with industry and not-for-profit partners. Mitacs also supports international research networks through student mobility and provides research and training opportunities for your students and postdocs.

This information session is open for faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. It will include an overview of Mitacs programs, such as Accelerate and Elevate, which provide opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to apply their specialized expertise to research challenges relevant to industry or a community partner.

This session will also touch on new international opportunities. It will provide examples of funded social science projects, and where to start if you are interested in developing collaborative partnerships.

MITACS Information Session
Erin Azzopardi, Business Development Specialist, Mitacs Inc.
Thursday, September 14
SSC 5220

Presented by the Faculty of Social Science

On A Practical Note...

ROLA Outage: September 8-11

Western Financials Systems, including ROLA, will be unavailable from Friday, September 8 at 4:00 pm to Monday September 11 for a system upgrade. All processing will be on hold during this time.
Please note the following implications:

  • Proposals cannot be created, submitted, reviewed or approved until after the system freeze.
  • New research accounts will not be activated.
  • New user access will not be initiated or activated.

Note: Any last-minute ROLA proposal submissions for CIHR Foundation Grant applications must be approved online by 3:30 p.m. on September 8.

For questions about signatures, grant approvals or account activations, please contact the ROLA Help Desk at ext. 83136.

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