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Update: 2017-32

September 25, 2017

Special Mention

Congratulations goes out to Tima Bansal, who was presented the Distinguished Scholar Award by the Organizations of the Natural Environment division at the recent Academy of Management Conference, held in Atlanta, GA. The award is for her scholarly contributions to organizations and the natural environment and corporate sustainability. She is the fourth recipient of this relatively new award. This award showcases Tima's impressive academic contributions in this field. Way to go Tima!

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Ahmed, N. (PhD Candidate), (August, 2017), Determinants of Firm’s Nonmarket Strategy: Ownership and Lobbying in Emerging Economies, Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA. Business Policy and Strategy Division

Ahmed, N. (PhD Candidate), Joshi, M. (PhD Candidate), (August, 2017), Unintended Delegitimization of Trust-producing Institution: A Case of Indian Central Bank, The First Annual Toronto FinTech Conference, Toronto, ON.

Eberhard, J. (PhD Candidate), (July, 2017), Domestic Sex Trafficking in Canada: Exploring the Dark Side of Successful Routine Transfer and Police Attempts to Intervene, European Group for Organization Studies Colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kashef, R.F., (August, 2017), Simulation and Risk Assessments in Real Time Business Applications, CanQueue 2017 Conference, Windsor, ON.

Sycheva, A. (PhD Candidate), Olivera, F., (June, 2017), To Do and Not to Do: Effects of Regulatory Focus on Learning from Errors, Administrative Science Association of Canada, Montreal, QC.

Funding Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Initiatives Program

The Interdisciplinary Development Initiatives Program (IDIs) provides seed funding for projects that further Western’s research and teaching mission, attract scholars and graduate students to our University, and bring prestige to Western. These IDIs, led by leading or emerging academic scholars, have articulated undergraduate, graduate and research dimensions, and involve the participation and collaboration of individuals across disciplinary boundaries.

Deadlines: Ivey: January 12, 2018
    (Host Faculty and Participating Faculty Deans’ Offices)
Office of the Vice-Provost: February 2, 2018

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