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Update: 2017-37

October 30, 2017

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Astvansh, V. (PhD Candidate), Antia, K.D., Wang, X., (February, 2017), Communicating How Much, To Whom, and When: A Value-Chain Perspective on Product Recall Efficacy, AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, Orlando, FL.

Athanassakos, G., (October, 2017), Value investing strategies for university endowment funds to Finance and not-for-profit students, American University of Rome, Rome, Italy. Invited speaker

Athanassakos, G., (October, 2017), Value Investing, University of Sassari, Sassari, Italy. Invited speaker

Hsieh, Y. (PhD Candidate), Vergne, J-P., (October, 2017), The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Coordination In Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies, INFORMS, Houston, TX.

Sarta, A. (PhD Candidate), (October, 2017), Attention Grabbers: A Cognition-Capability Study of Early and Intense Managerial Attention to FinTech by Banks, The First Annual Toronto FinTech Conference, Toronto, ON.

Yilmaz, T., Wuyts, S., Wathne, K.H., Antia, K.D., (February, 2017), Crisis in Multilateral Co-Branding Alliances: Consequences for Member Firms, AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, Orlando, FL.

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