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Update: 2017-38

November 6, 2017

Forthcoming Refereed Articles

Capan, M., Khojandi, A., Denton, B., Williams, K.D., Ayer, T., Chhatwal, J., Kurt, M., Lobo, J.M., Roberts, M., Zaric, G.S., Zhang, S., Schwartz, J.S., 2017, From Data to Improved Decisions: Operations Research in Healthcare Delivery, Medical Decision Making.

Fremeth, A., Islam, M., Marcus, A.A., 2017, Signaling by Early Stage Startups: US Government Research Grants and Venture Capital Funding, Journal of Business Venturing.

Ghamat, S., Pun, H., Yan, X.H., 2017, Optimal Outsourcing Strategies when Capacity is Limited, Decision Sciences.

Gualandris, J., Legenvre, H., Kalchschmidt, M., 2017, Exploration and Exploitation within Supply Networks: Examining Purchasing Ambidexterity and Its Multiple Performance Implications, International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

Persson, M.E., Napier, C.J., 2017, Chambers on Securities and Obscurities: Making a Case for the Reform of the Law of Company Accounts in the 1970s, Abacus.

Rotman, J., Khamitov, M. (PhD Candidate), Connors, S.C., 2017, Lie, Cheat, and Steal: How Harmful Brands Motivate Consumers to Act Unethically, Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Sedig, K., Naimi, A., Haggerty, N., 2017, Aligning Information Technologies with Evidence-Based Healthcare Activities: A Design and Evaluation Framework, Human Technology.

Tang, J., Crossan, M.M., Rowe, W.G., 2018, Dominant Leaders: Heroes or Villains?, Organizational Dynamics.

On A Practical Note...

Office of Human Research Ethics

The Office of Human Research Ethics will no longer be sending reminder notifications, through ROMEO, that a study expiry date is coming up. WREM will continue to send courtesy notifications for studies currently in WREM. If your study has not yet been migrated into WREM, ensure that you are aware of your study’s expiry date to ensure you submit your Continuing Ethics Review (CER) or Study Closure application form prior to the study’s expiry date. If you are unsure of your study’s expiry date, you can log in to ROMEO to identify it.

To ensure the OHRE has adequate time to process the CER application form, each completed CER form must be received NO MORE than 60 days before the CER is due and no later than 14 days prior to the REB expiry date. It is the Principal Investigator’s (PI) responsibility to submit a CER to the OHRE within these timelines.

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