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Update: 2018-02

January 15, 2018

Special Mention

Steve Foerster, and co-authors Juhani Linnainmaa, Brian Melzer, and Ale Previtero, have received one of the 2017 Amundi Smith Breeden Prize Distinguished Paper Awards for their paper, “Retail Financial Advice: Does One Size Fit All?” The Journal of Finance,  72 (4). Annual awards are presented to the top three papers, published in The Journal of Finance, that are outside the corporate finance area. The winning papers are reviewed and selected by the journal Associate Editors. The Awards are generously funded by the Amundi Smith Breeden LLC.  Congratulations on this great achievement!

PhD Theses Completed

Butt, M., 2017, The Impact of Growth, Governance, and Geography on Franchise Performance, Advisor: Antia, K.D.

Eberhard, J., 2017, Building an Ecology of Routines: The Central Role of the Broker, Advisors: Frost, A.C., Rerup, C.

Fathallah, R., 2017, Before Exit: Three Essays on Business Exit in Politically and Economically Adverse Environments, Advisors: Branzei, O., Schaan, J-L.

Getachew, Y., 2017, Institutional Voids, Investment Purposes, and Foreign Subsidiaries of Multinational Enterprises, Advisor: Beamish, P.W.

Ghamat, S., 2017, Three Essays on Incentive Problems of Parties with Potential Conflict of Interest, Advisors: Zaric, G.S., Pun, H.

Kumar, M., 2017, The Role of Early Customers in the Venture Creation Process, Advisor: Meister, D.B.

Maclean, K., 2017, Essays in Entertainment Analytics, Advisor: Odegaard, F.

Memar Zadeh, M., 2017, Achieving Operational Integrity: A Case Study of Long-Term Care Operation, Advisors: Haggerty, N., Vachon, S.

Rotman, J., 2017, Consumption as Emotion Regulation, Advisors: Thomson, M., Perkins, A.W.


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