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Update: 2018-03

January 22, 2018

Special Mention

Congratulations to Chongyu Dang (PhD Grad), Frank Li and Chen Yang. Their paper, "Measuring firm size in empirical corporate finance," published this month in the Journal of Banking & Finance, is already in the top 3 downloaded papers in the last 90 days on the journal web site.  The paper is an empirical assessment of firm size measures (total assets, revenue, market cap) and provides guidance to empirical corporate finance researchers who must use firm size in their work. They suggest many prominent studies are not robust to different firm size measures. Great work, Chongyu, Frank, and Chen!

Conferences Presentations and Speeches

Aderounmu, A., Rouse, M.J., Burke, S., Tembo, R., Yaquian, E., Sarma, S., Zaric, G.S., (May, 2017), How Effective is a Workplace Wellness Program in Reducing Prescription Drug Expenditures in Canada, International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research 21st Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. ISPOR Award winning presentation

Beamish, P.W., (May, 2017), Globalization and Integration of China’s Businesses, CBSI Conference “Chinese Innovation and Global Integration”, Langfang, China (PRC). Panel

Beamish, P.W., (May, 2017), Innovation in the Context of Chinese Firms’ Internationalization, Shanghai Symposium on Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions, Shanghai, China (PRC). Keynote speaker

Beamish, P.W., (May, 2017), The Evolving Nature of Chinese Innovation, CBSI Conference “Chinese Innovation and Global Integration”, Langfang, China (PRC). Keynote speaker

Carleton, E., Monzani, L., Seijts, G.H., Crossan, C., (May, 2017), New directions of virtuous leadership: Bridging leader character and well being, European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Annual Meeting, Dublin, Ireland.

Carswell, J.J., Seijts, G.H., Crossan, M.M., Giammarco, E., Carleton, E., Nguyen, B. (Post-doc), (April, 2017), The validation of the leadership character insight assessment, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.

Johnson, P.F., (May, 2017), The Ivey Purchasing Managers Index, 3M Canada, London, ON.

Naoum Sawaya, J., (May, 2017), Stochastic Planning of Environmentally Friendly Telecommunication Networks Using Column Generation, SIAM Conference on Optimization, Vancouver, BC.

Seijts, G.H., (May, 2017), Character matters in leadership, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, AB. Invited speaker

Seijts, G.H., (March, 2017), Ways to initiate Character based leadership: What do others see?, Western Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, CA.

Seijts, G.H., (March, 2017), Character matters in leadership, British Columbia Alumni Chapter, Vancouver, BC. Invited speaker

Seijts, G.H., (March, 2017), Character matters in leadership, Council of Human Resource Executives, Conference Board of Canada, Vancouver, BC. Invited speaker

More presentations coming soon!

Funding Opportunities

CFI Innovation Fund

Research Western anticipates that the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) will release a Call for Proposals for the next round of the Innovation Fund some time in 2018.

In an effort to maximize the development time and support to potential Innovation Fund applicants, and to meet the necessary internal assessment and review processes for infrastructure proposals of this scale, Research Western has developed an internal timeline designed to engage and prepare application teams in advance of the anticipated CFI Call for Proposals.

There is a Western Internal Call for Proposals, with a pre-call framework is based on estimated CFI timelines and previous Innovation Fund competitions which is subject to change as new information is provided by the CFI.

Information Session: January 29, 2018
1-2 pm, SSC 2024
RDS Contact: Carolyn Paterson, ext. 82262
Information: Research Western

Please let Shelley or Kathy know if you interested in applying to this program.


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