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Update: 2018-10

March 19, 2018

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Bendle, N.T., (July, 2017), Marketing is poorly measured; you can help change that, Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Webinar.

Cipriano, L.E., (September, 2017), Population health and cost effectiveness implications of a 'Treat All' recommendation for HCV, Guideline Developing Group Meeting, World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for the Screening, Care and Treatment of Persons with Hepatitis C virus Infection, Geneva, Switzerland. Invited speaker

Cotte, J., Nguyen, P. (PhD Candidate), Wang, X., Li, X., (September, 2017), When Novices Are Better than Experts: Evidence from Online User Generated Content Platforms, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, Durham, NC. Invited speaker

Cotte, J., Nguyen, P. (PhD Candidate), Wang, X., Li, X., (September, 2017), When Novices Are Better than Experts: Evidence from Online User Generated Content Platforms, University of Connecticut, Mansfield, CN. Invited speaker

Dunbar, C.G., King, M.R., (September, 2017), Multiple Bookrunners, Bargaining Power, and the Pricing of IPOs, Northern Finance Association Meeting, Halifax, NS.

Dunbar, C.G., Li, F., Shi, Y.N., (August, 2017), Corporate Social Responsibility and CEO Risk Taking Incentives, American Accounting Association Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Jahanbakht, M., Mostafa, R., Veloso, R., (June, 2017), Pre entry Experience, Market Adaptation & Internationalization in Mobile Telecommunications across Africa, Industry Studies Association Conference, Washington, DC.

Meister, D.B., (August, 2017), Entrepreneurial Firms and Information Systems Capabilities, Americas Conference on Information Systems, Boston, MA.

Radcliffe, V.S., Spence, C., Stein, M.J., Wilkinson, B., (August, 2017), Professional repositioning during times of institutional complexity: tax accountants in the new moral order, American Accounting Association, San Diego, CA.

Robertson, D.A. (Emeritus), (September, 2017), Essentials of Financial Analysis, CIRI’s Essential of Investor Relations Program, Toronto, ON. Invited speaker

Seijts, G.H., (September, 2017), Leadership development, Revera: Retirement Living and Long Term Care Services, Toronto, ON. Invited speaker

Shi, Y.N., Magnan, M., Li, T., (August, 2017), Cross Listing, Multinational Corporations and Accounting Quality, American Accounting Association (AAA) 2017 Conference, Montreal, QC.

Wang, J., Goode, M.R., Cotte, J., (August, 2017), Designing a Hybrid Experience: The Effect of Experience Structure on Consumers’ Evaluations, Harnessing Analytics Symposium, College of Business and Economics, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.

Funding Opportunities

Early Researcher Award – Round 14

The Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science has issued a call for Round 14 of the Early Researcher Awards (ERA) program. The ERA program helps promising, recently-appointed Ontario researchers build their research team. Information on the ERA program can be found on Research Western’s ERA website. Further information, including details of planned information sessions, will be forthcoming.

Deadlines: Notices of Intent, submitted to MRIS by the institution:
  RD&S: May 29th
MRIS: June 1st 
June 26, 2018: First draft submitted to RDS if participating in internal peer review
July 10, 2018: Revised draft (if internal review) or first draft if not participating in 
internal peer review
July 24, 2018: Peer reviewer comments returned to applicants
July 31, 2018: ROLA proposal, final application, and reference letters (hard copy or
email) submitted to RDS
MRIS: August 7th

Please let Shelley or Kathy know by May 15th if you are planning to apply to this program. There is a substantial matched funding component for this application. Matching funds can be from industry or academic institution.


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