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Update: 2018-11

March 26, 2018

Published Books

Bartlett, C.A., Beamish, P.W., 2018, Transnational Management: Text and Cases, 8th edition, New York: Cambridge University Press.

Mendenhall, M.E., Osland, J., Bird, A., Oddou, G.R., Stevens, M., Maznevski, M.L., Stahl, G., 2017, Global Leadership: Research, Practice, and Development, 3rd edition, London: Routledge.

Seijts, G.H., MacMillan, K., 2017, Leadership in Practice: Theory and Cases in Leadership and Character, London: Taylor & Francis Ltd.

Published Research Reports

Arjalies, D.L., Gibassier, D., Garnier, C., 2018, Sustainability CFO: The CFO of the Future?, IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) Research Report.

Chen, K., Bendle, N.T., Soman, D., 2017, Policy by Design: The Dawn of Behaviourally-Informed Government, Toronto: Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman.

Cipriano L.E., Goldhaber-Fiebert, J.D., 2017, The Population Health and Cost-Effectiveness Implications of a "Treat All" Recommendation for HCV, Hepatitis C Virus Guideline Development Group of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Fremeth, A., Holburn, G.L.F., 2018, Improving Governance and Strategy in Ontario’s LDC Sector, London, ON: Ivey Business School. Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre Policy Brief

Fremeth, A., Holburn, G.L.F., Loudermilk, M., Schaufele, B., 2017, The Economic Cost of Electricity Generation in Ontario, London: Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre.

Schaufele, B., 2017, An Evaluation of the Hat Smart Energy Conservation Program, City of Medicine Hat.

Schaufele, B., 2017, Remarks to Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, London: Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management.

Schaufele, B., 2017, Carbon Pricing and the Canadian Beef Sector, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.


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