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Update: 2018-13

April 9, 2018

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Albert, N., Thomson, M., (October, 2017), A Synthesis of the Consumer-Brand Relationship Domain: Using Text Mining to Describe and Track Research Streams, Describe Emotional Associations and Identify Future Research Priorities, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research Pre-Conference Session on Brands, Emotions and the Self, San Diego, CA.

Athanassakos, G., (October, 2017), Value Investing: Who, What and Why?, Department of Finance, American University of Rome, Rome, Italy.

Athanassakos, G., (October, 2017), Value Investing: Who, What and Why?, Department of Finance, University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy.

Bendle, N.T., (June, 2017), Staying in the Community but Leaving the Union, Conference on Historical Research in Marketing, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Chakraborty, S., Su, N., (August, 2017), Grounded Theory Methodology Clinic, Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Boston, MA.

Cipriano, L.E., (October, 2017), Optimal infectious disease treatment policy with drug resistance, Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM), Pittsburgh, PA.

Dunbar, C.G., Li, F., Shi, Y.N., (October, 2017), Corporate Social Responsibility and CEO Risk-Taking Incentives, Financial Management Association Meeting, Boston, MA.

Frost, A.C., (October, 2017), Insiders-Outsiders: Cross-Cutting Fault Lines in Labour Markets and Communities, CRIMT meeting, Magog, QC.

Frost, A.C., (October, 2017), Finding Labour’s Way Forward, CRIMT meeting, Magog, QC.

Khanagha, S., Narapareddy, V., Mihalache, O., Su, N., (October, 2017), Enabling Digital Transformation through Management Innovations: The Case Ericsson AB, Strategic Management Society (SMS) Conference, Houston, TX.

Kim, N. (PhD Candidate), Branzei, O., (October, 2017), Till Death Do Us Apart? How Policy Change Bottlenecks Attention to CSR in the Aftermath of Critical Events, Strategic Management Society, Houston, TX. Canada International Business Division

McDougall, A., Sule, R., Branzei, O., (October, 2017), Global Mental Health Incubator for Disruptive Solutions: Innovation for Equitable Action, Canadian Conference on Global Health, Ottawa, ON.

Parker, S.C., Gamble, E., Moroz, P. W., Branzei, O., (October, 2017), The Impact of B Lab Certification on Firm Growth, 2017 Global B Corp Academic Community Roundtable, Toronto, ON. Invited speaker

Rahrovani, Y., (October, 2017), A Motivational Account of Innovating with IT, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON. Invited speaker

Seijts, J., Jones Tisdale, J., Collins, D., (October, 2017), The Role of Social Styles Training in Navigating Management Communications, Association for Business Communication, Dublin, Ireland.

Wang, J., Goode, M.R., Cotte, J., (October, 2017), Design an Experience Bundle: The Role of Experience Structure, Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, CA.

Zaric, G.S., (October, 2017), Analytics and Big Data, Manufacturing Matters 2017, London, ON.


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