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Update: 2018-18

May 14, 2018

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Athanassakos, G., (April, 2018), Earnings Quality and the Value Premium, Yale Club, New York, NY. Invited speaker

Athanassakos, G., (April, 2018), The Future of Active Management, Ben Graham Centre’s 2018 Value Investing Conference, Toronto, ON. Session Chair

Athanassakos, G., (April, 2018), The Benefits of Value Investing for Students, Ben Graham Centre’s 2018 International Stock Picking Competition, Toronto, ON. Session Chair

Athanassakos, G., (April, 2018), Value Investing at Ivey, Fairfax Financial Holdings 2018 Annual General Meeting, Toronto, ON. Discussant

Austin, L. (Adjunct), Kovacs, D., Thorne, S., Moody, J., (March, 2018), Mental modeling insights in occupational safety: Understanding Ontario Electricians’ safe work decisions, Behavioural Insights in Canada Conference, Rotman School of Commerce, Toronto, ON.

Bendle, N.T., (August, 2017), The MASB Finance in Marketing Course, Marketing Meets Wall Street, San Francisco, CA.

Cipriano, L.E., (January, 2018), Hepatitis C Virus Treatment Prioritization Improves Population Health Outcomes, Information, Risk, and Operations Management Seminar Series, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX. Invited speaker

Critchley, G., Zaric, G., (December, 2017), Product listing arrangements: A welfare analysis of the impact of marketing on pharmaceutical drug economics, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

Critchley, G., Zaric, G., (April, 2018), Product listing arrangements: A welfare analysis of the impact of marketing on pharmaceutical drug economics, Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) Symposium, Halifax, NS.

Foerster, S.R., (April, 2018), Are Cash Flows Better Stock Return Predictors than Profits?, CQA Spring 2018 Conference, Las Vegas, NV. Invited speaker

Goode, M.R., Iwasa-Madge, D., (February, 2018), The Numbing Effect of Mortality Salience, Asper School of Business, Winnipeg, MB. Invited speaker

Israelsen, T. L., Mitchell, J.R. (Adjunct), Lim, D.S.K., (February, 2018), Justifying New Value Creation: Myth, Imagination, and Historical Tropes, Academy of Management Review Paper Development Workshop, Berkeley, CA.

Legenvre, H., Gualandris, J., Luzzini, D., (March, 2018), Combining the power of distant capabilities: a research agenda, International Purchasing and Supply Management Education and Research Association Conference, Athens, Greece.

Nguyen, P., Wang, X., Cotte, J., (February, 2018), How Beginner Reviewers Systematically Benefit and Harm Service Providers: Biases in Rating Approaches on User-Generated Reputation Systems, American Marketing Association Winter Educators’ Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Su, N., Narapareddy, V., Khanagha, S., (October, 2017), Masterclass in Case Teaching, Strategic Management Society (SMS) Conference, Houston, TX.

Funding Opportunities

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program provides funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants, both nationally and internationally, who will positively contribute to the country's economic, social and research-based growth.

The objective of the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program is to:

  • attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent, both nationally and internationally
  • develop their leadership potential
  • position them for success as research leaders of tomorrow

NOTE: In keeping with Banting requirements, this year Western will only submit the highest-quality applications received as part of Western’s Internal Banting Competition.

Dr. Peter Simpsons, Associate Vice-Provost Graduate
Session: Friday, May 18, 12-1pm
Arts and Humanities Building 2B02
Deadlines:  Ivey: July 16th (MANDATORY, Names and CVs of supervisor and candidate)
Evaluated at Ivey - only stellar candidates will move forward in the process
Western: August 20th (MANDATORY, full application)
Sponsor: September
Duration:  Two years
Amount: $70k/year

Please contact Shelley Bellyou if you are planning to supervise a postdoc and submit an application to this program.


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