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Update: 2018-20

June 4, 2018

Conference Presentations and Speeches

Graham, C., Persson, M., Radcliffe, V., Stein, M.J., (May, 2018), The State of Ohio’s Auditors, the Enumeration of Population and the Project of Eugenics, Alternative Accounts Conference, Montreal, QC.

Joshi, M. (PhD Candidate), Su, N., (April, 2018), Sensemaking through Digital Channels: A Tale of Two Banks, AOM Specialized Conference: Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Kashef, R.F., (April, 2018), Cooperative-Based Consensus Clustering and its Applications, Queen’s University, School of Computing, Kingston, ON. Invited speaker

Kashef, R.F., (April, 2018), Homogeneous Vs. Heterogenous Distributed Data Clustering, BIDMA 2018 International Symposium on Big Data Management and Analytics, Calgary, AB. Invited speaker

Maurer, C.C., (April, 2018), Learning from Diversity: the Role of Personal Stories, Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC) conference, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Maurer, C.C., Hwang, C. (PhD Candidate), (April, 2018), Learning from Diversity: Toward a Conceptual framework, Journal of Management Studies Special Issue Conference, Wellesley, MA. ‘Towards more complex conceptualizations of diversity in management studies'

Restrepo, F., Strahan, P.E., Cardona, L., (January, 2018), Funding Liquidity without Banks: Evidence from a Shock to the Cost of Very Short-Term Debt, American Finance Association (AFA) Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.


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