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Update: 2018-22

June 18, 2018

Published Conference Proceedings

Bemgal S.J. (PhD Candidate), Haggerty, N., 2017, Developing Imbrications: A new lens for understanding project management practice, Americas Conference on Information Systems Proceedings.

Joshi M.P. (PhD Candidate), Rahrovani, Y., 2017, Organizational Support for Innovative Use of IT: A Slack Resources Perspective, Americas Conference on Information Systems Proceedings.

Kashef, R.F., 2017, Ensemble based Anomaly Detection Using Cooperative Agreement, Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Proceedings.

Kashef, R.F., 2017, Ensemble Based Anomaly Detection Using Cooperative Learning, Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 43-55.

Kashef, R.F., Niranjan, A., 2017, Handling Large Scale Data using Two Tier Hierarchical Super Peer P2P Network, International Conference On Big Data and Internet Of Thing, 52-56.

Legenvre, H., Gualandris, J., Luzzini, D., 2018, Combining the power of distant capabilities: a research agenda, 2018 International Purchasing and Supply Management Education and Research Association (IPSERA).

Martin, J., Haggerty, N., 2017, The Project Charter as Sense Making Device, Americas Conference on Information Systems Proceedings.

Ojala, A., Paavilainen Mäntymäki, E., Su, N., Lyytinen, K., 2017, Software Complexity and the Organization of Firms’ Offshoring Activities, Proceedings of the Scandinavian Conference on Information Systems.

Peng, G., Beamish, P.W., 2017, Age Dependence in MNC Subsidiary Mortality: The Inverted S Curve Hypothesis, AIBSEAR Conference Proceedings.

Rahrovani, Y., Pinsonneault, A., 2017, Expertise Diversity, Knowledge Integration, and Team Innovation, International Conference on Information Systems Proceedings.

Shafiq, A., Johnson, P.F., Klassen, R.D., 2017, Building Supplier Social Sustainability: Linking Engagement to Performance, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Conference.

Stallkamp, M., Schotter, A., 2017, The effect of the subnational environment on the longevity of international joint ventures, Academy of International Business Conference Proceedings.


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