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Update: 2018-27

July 23, 2018

SSHRC Insight Grant Awards

We are excited to announce that the results are now in for this year’s Insight Grant competition. Ivey faculty received seven out of nine grants that were submitted. This is an amazing result, with 78% success rate. Congratulations to all recipients!

Bendle, N.T., Wang, X.S., "Improving Marketing Accountability"
With the way reporting is done marketers either don't see what the reports have to do with them, or see reporting as a barrier to effective marketing. This research looks at both internal and external reporting systems in marketing and addresses five questions: 1) How important are marketing investments to firms? 2) How is marketing currently accounted for in financial reporting? 3) How is marketing currently accounted for in managerial reporting? 4) What are reporting's consequences and how does this impact decisions? and 5) How to communicate best practice to improve marketing accountability?
Total Awarded: $84,490

Duclos, R., "Understanding the Psychology of Saving-Behavior to Help Citizens Reach Their Long-Term Financial Goals"
Given the prevalence and dire consequences of under-saving for individual as well as societal welfare, this research proposes to examine the psychology of saving behavior. The goal is to identify some of the invisible forces shaping saving decisions and understand how they interact on saving behavior. The main hypotheses are: 1) money's physical form can influence people's propensity to save; 2) certain personality traits predispose certain people to suffer more from the biasing effects of money format on saving behavior; and 3) the psychological pain associated with parting from money is the force behind the physical-form-of-money effect.
Total Awarded: $125,309

Konrad, A.M., Goh, K., Patel, S., "Amplifying the Benefits of Gender Diversity in Majority Male Settings"
There is a low representation of women in the mutual fund management industry, meaning they have little access to the rewards of the lucrative occupation as well as relatively little voice in how a substantial porting of the country’s economics assets are invest. The research will examine the relationship between gender diversity among fund managers and fund performance and identifying factors at the individual, team, firm, and community levels of analysis with the potential to amplify the value of gender diversity for mutual fund performance.
Total Awarded: $82,900

Li, F., Dunbar, C., Shi, Y., "Executive Incentives and Corporate Social Responsibility"
The research program will empirically study how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) affects executive incentives and further enhances firm value. The research investigates the following three areas: 1) Does CSR affect subsequent executive incentives? How? Through which channels? 2) In the process of a Seasoned Equity Offering (SEO), how does CSR affect firm valuation? and 3) Do the answers to the above research questions apply in the international context, for firms originating from countries with different legal and societal institutional environments?
Total Awarded: $58,056

Meister, D.B., "Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Growth and Information System Capability Development"
The goal of this research program is to address the issue of information system capability development by looking at the following three research questions: 1) How does a firm's IS capabilities develop and affect its growth? 2) Does the construct of technical debt help a Top Management Team understand and make better decisions with respect to IS capability development? and 3) How can growing firms better make IS capability development decisions?
Total Awarded: $78,110

Radcliffe, V.S., Stein, M., Andon, P., Free, C., "Advertising Probity: Boundary work in the creation of the Government Advertising Act, 2004"
Ontario was the first jurisdiction in the world to develop a directive for government auditors to audit government advertisements for partisan content. As such, this research examines the mandate of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario (OAGO) to review all advertisements published by the Government of Ontario, disallowing advertisements that are partisan in nature. Using archival and oral history sources, the project will apply audit-related ideals and practices of jurisdictional boundary expansion and related institutional work concerning legitimation.
Total Awarded: $68,642

Sooy, M., Barradale, M., Goodson, B., "Price, Profit And Market Efficiency In Laboratory Asset Markets: Does Marking-To-Market Matter?"
This study investigates the impact of two accounting regimes, mark-to-market and historical cost, on market bubbles and crashes in a laboratory asset market by investigating three questions: 1) The possibility that market bubbles and market crashes will be greater under mark-to-market accounting than under an alternate regime, historical cost accounting. 2) The possibility that individuals will understand the value-generating process of assets differently under mark-to-market accounting, which will influence whether bubbles subsequently recur. 3) The efficacy of proposed regulatory interventions (e.g. disclosing alternate measurement values) designed to counteract the suggested adverse consequences of mark-to-market accounting.
Total Awarded: $42,512


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