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Update: 2018-32

September 10, 2018

Special Mention

Peter Bell (Emeritus) was awarded Emeritus Member status with the Canadian Operations Research Society (CORS), at the annual meeting recently held in Halifax. An Emeritus Member with CORS is required to have already been awarded the CORS Eldon Gunn Service Award and the CORS Award of Merit. Peter has previously earned both: the Service Award in 1987, and the Award of Merit in 2007.This prestigious designation acknowledges the member’s significant contribution to the field of operations research and to CORS. Congratulations Peter!

Published Refereed Articles

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Taylor, K. (PhD Candidate), Vachon, S., 2018, Empirical research on sustainable supply chains: IJPR’s contribution and research avenues, International Journal of Production Research, 56 (1-2): 950-959.

On A Practical Note...

ROLA System Tips


Here are a few refreshers for navigating your way past the initial proposal entry screen you see when choosing the NEW ROLA button on the Funding Opportunities Page.

  1. For best results do not use Safari. Please use Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer to prevent budget errors.
  2. Please do not create more than one proposal per application. If you start a proposal and cannot complete it in one sitting, please do not use the New ROLA button, as that will start another proposal. Use the Maintain ROLA link at the top left of the Funding Opportunities listing. This will bring you to the search page where you can search for any existing proposals you have created. 
  3. Please make sure you choose the renewal option if you are renewing your existing Discovery grant. Please use the Letter of Intent option for competitions where you may be invited to move on to the next level. (example Foundation Stage 1)
  4. Please only enter the portion of the budget you expect to receive from this particular sponsor. If you are submitting a CRD or other partnered program application, enter the amount requested from NSERC in one proposal, and the amount request from the industry partners in another.
  5. Once you have submitted your proposal, you can check on the approval status here: Grants (ROLA II) > Proposals > Approval Status Review

ROLAhelp (ext. 83136) is available from 8 AM to 4:30 PM to assist with any difficulties.


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