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Update: 2018-33

September 17, 2018

Forthcoming Refereed Articles

Agrawal, V., Lee, D., 2018, The Effect of Sourcing Policies on Suppliers’ Sustainable Practices, Production and Operations Management.

Arregle, J.L., Miller, T., Hitt, M., Beamish, P.W., 2018, The Role of MNEs’ Internationalization Patterns in Their Regional Integration of FDI Locations, Journal of World Business.

Bagga, C., Bendle, N.T., Cotte, J., 2018, Object valuation and non-ownership possession: how renting and borrowing impact willingness-to-pay, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Cui, L., Hu, H., Li, S., Meyer, K.E., 2018, Corporate Political Connections in Global Strategy, Global Strategy Journal.

Kim, A., Bansal, P., Haugh, H., 2018, No Time Like the Present: How a Present Time Perspective Can Foster Sustainable Development, Academy of Management Journal.

Parker, S. C., Gamble, E., Moroz, P.W., Branzei, O., 2019, The Impact of B Lab Certification on Firm Growth, Academy of Management Discoveries. Enterprise Before and Beyond Benefit - Second Issue

Persson, M.E., Fafatas, S., 2018, Accounting Measurements, Profit, and Loss: A Science Fiction Play in One Act by Harold C. Edey, Accounting History Review.

Schad, J., Bansal, P., 2018, Seeing the Forest and The Trees: How a Systems Perspective Informs Paradox Research, Journal of Management Studies.

Seijts, G.H., Byrne, A., Crossan, M.M., Gandz, J. (Emeritus), 2018, Leader Character in Board Governance, Journal of Management and Governance.

Yang, W., Meyer, K.E., 2018, How does ownership influence business growth? A competitive dynamics perspective, International Business Review.

Funding Opportunities

Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) - 2019 Competition

Election to Fellowship in the RSC, Canada’s national academy, is the highest honour that can be attained by Canadian scholars, researchers, and artists. Fellows are peer-elected as the best in their field, and thus represent the pinnacle of Canadian intellectual leadership. Their exceptional intellectual achievements are evidenced by a body of publications, intellectual endeavours, or creative activities exhibiting original contributions in the arts, humanities, or sciences, as well as activities in public life.

Nominees must fit the above description and, at the time of their election, be Canadian citizens or have had Canadian permanent resident status for at least three years.

Nominations for Fellowship must be made by either:

  1. A Fellow of the RSC, accompanied by two letters of co-nomination, one being from another Fellow of the RSC (this is the preferred nomination method); or
  2. The President of the university, accompanied by two letters of co-nomination, neither of which need be from a Fellow of the RSC.

Nomination Process
A complete nomination package includes a Nomination Form and consists of:

  1. An introductory letter from the Primary Nominator (one page; not an appraisal)
  2. Two letters of co-nomination (one page each; not appraisals)
  3. A 70-word citation written for non-specialists
  4. A 1000-word detailed appraisal of achievements
  5. The nominee’s CV (max. 50 pages)
  6. Referee assessments with a 250-word biography of each referee respectively appended (max. three pages each, including the biography)
Deadlines: September 25  Nominee or Primary Nominator notifies RDS of intent to nominate (send your name/name of your candidate by email to Julaine Hall
  October 12  Current CV and list of all potential Nominators and Referees submitted to RDS
Potential Nominators: Two RSC Fellows and one other expert
Potential Referees: List of six-ten national and international experts
  October 26 Draft of Detailed Appraisal and Citation submitted to RDS
  November 2  Outreach to potential Referees complete.
RDS will not provide support for securing Referees beyond this date
November 15 For Institutional Member (IM) nominations: complete dossiers including all letters submitted to RDS
RDS cannot guarantee institutional approval or signature on dossiers submitted beyond this date
  November 28  For nominations by RSC Fellows: complete dossiers submitted to RDS
  November 30  Final Submission of complete dossiers to the Royal Society of Canada
Contact: Julaine Hall  


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