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Update: 2018-35

October 1, 2018

Academy of Management Conference

The Academy of Management Conference was held in Chicago, IL this past August. There was an outstanding number of Ivey faculty and PhD Candidates involved once again this year. Congratulations to all on representing Ivey at this event!

Best Paper Award

Kalasin, K., Meyer, K.E., CEIBS Best Paper Award, International Management Division, “Stigma Avoidance and the Delay of Foreign Exits of Emerging Economy Multinational Enterprises.”

Conference Presentations

  * Best Paper Proceedings

* Ali, M., Konrad, A.M., Grabarski, M., Trickle-down and Bottom-up Effects of Women's Representation: The Role of Context. Discussion Paper Session

* Arjalies, D-L., Bansal, P., Beyond numbers: How investment managers accommodate societal issues in financial decisions.

Bansal, P., How Do Organizations Translate Temporal Extremities into Business Horizons?. Panel

Bansal, P., Improving Lives by Building Bridges between Climate Change Research and Practice. Participant

Bansal, P., OMT Doctoral Student Consortium.

Branzei, O., Regenerative Organizations: Living and Well-being in, with and for Nature.

Branzei, O., Improving Lives, Humanistic Management & Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Facilitator

Branzei, O., Montgomery, A.W., Organizations and the Natural Environment - Doctoral Consortium. Participant

Branzei, O., Munos, P., Regenerative Organizations: Living and Well-being in, with and for Nature. Organizer

* Chapardar, H. (PhD Candidate), Bansal, P., The Emergence of Hybrid Collective Action. Discussion Paper Session

Crossan, M.M., Using Positive Organizational Scholarship to Innovate and Enliven OB and Management Teaching.

Fathallah, R., Branzei, O., Schaan, J-L., No Place like Home? How EMNCs detach from hyper turbulent contexts. Discussion Paper Session

* Fremeth, A., Holburn, G.L.F., Piazza, A., Social Activism and Corporate Nonmarket Performance: Evidence from Nuclear Power Generation. Discussion Paper Session

* Gavronski, I. (Adjunct), Klassen, R.D., Johnson, P.F., Naranjo, F. (PhD Candidate), Management Temporal Orientation: Linking Operational Investment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Discussion Paper Session

Gualandris, J., Klassen, R.D., Configuring Supply Networks for International Non-governmental Organizations. Discussion Paper Session

Haggerty, N., Halme, M., Enablers and Challenges of Case-based Management Education in, about, and for Africa.

Hasse, V. C., Internationalization Process and Performance. Session Chair

Hsieh, Y., Vergne, J-P., The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Discussion Paper Session

* Israelsen, T. L., Mitchell, J.R. (Adjunct), Lim, D.S.K., The cognitive-symbolic role of history in imagining and rationalizing entrepreneurial opportunities. Discussion Paper Session

Jones-Morales, J.S., Konrad, A.M., Developing Elite Leaders across Gender and Socioeconomic Diversity: A Process Metaphor. Discussion Paper Session

* Joshi, M. (PhD Candidate), Ahmed, N. (PhD Candidate), Vergne, J-P., Digital Alternatives as Providers of Institutional Trust: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Discussion Paper Session

* Kalasin, K., Meyer, K.E., Stigma Avoidance and the Delay of Foreign Exits of Emerging Economy Multinational Enterprises. International Management Division

* Kim, N. (PhD Candidate), Sun, J., Yin, H., Jungbien Moon, J., Do foreign firms help make local firms greener? Evidence of environmental spillover. Discussion Paper Session

Klassen, R.D., Gualandris, J., Not For-Profit Focal Firms in Supply Chain Management: Future Research Directions. Participant

Konrad, A.M., Publishing Diversity Research Workshop. Discussant

Konrad, A.M., Incoming and Outgoing DIG Chairs Meeting. Participant

Konrad, A.M., Increasing Senior Leadership Diversity: Process Insights from a Global Set of Qualitative Studies. Facilitator

Konrad, A.M., DIG 5 Year Review Meeting. Participant

Konrad, A.M., Moving Beyond the Moment: What the #MeToo Movement Means for the Future of Careers. Discussion Paper Session, Panel

Le Ber, M.J. (Adjunct), Monzani, L., Developing Leader Character: Does Gender or Context Matter?. Discussion Paper Session

Lim, D.S.K., Pathways to Connect Research and Practice: Developing Practice-Inspired Entrepreneurship Research. Facilitator

Ma, J., Schaubroeck, J., Peng, A.C., Li, Y., Zeng, W., Whose Norms Promote Unethical Behavior? The Role of Ethical Leadership. Discussion Paper Session

Montgomery, A.W., Testing the Waters: Developing Frameworks for the Organization of Water. Organizer and Panelist at PDW Workshop for ONE and OMT divisions

* Montgomery, A.W., Wolske, K.S., Lyon, T.P., The Millennial ‘Meh’: Generation Cohort and Field Change in the Automobile Industry. Discussion Paper Session

Monzani, L., Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Organizations: What Impact does Leader Identity Have?. Organizer

Parker, S.C., Entrepreneurship across the Lifespan: Theories & Methods for Researching Age and Entrepreneurship.

* Sarta, A. (PhD Candidate), Attention Grabbers: A Cognition-Capability Study of Early and Intense Attention to FinTech. Discussion Paper Session

Schotter, A., International Management Teaching Innovation: Improving Lives through Action, Reach and Focus. Facilitator

Seijts, G.H., When and How Leadership Improves Lives. Participant

* Seong, M. (PhD Candidate), Ahmed, N. (PhD Candidate), #GirlPower: Women's Political Empowerment and Female Entrepreneurship. Discussion Paper Session

* Shafiq, A. (Adjunct), Johnson, P.F., Klassen, R.D., What Goes Around Comes Around: Questionable Purchasing Practices and Sustainability Performance. Discussion Paper Session

* Shulist, P. (Adjunct), Branzei, O., With a little help from (where I see) my friends: Social and spatially embedded learning in Ghana. Discussion Paper Session

Su, N., Critiquing Case Research Methodology and Its Impact on Pedagogy and Research. Organizer

Su, N., Case Teaching – A Model of Engagement: Diamonds, Pearls and Pitfalls. Facilitator

* Tietz, M.A., Parker, S.C., Steady beats Big: Incentivizing Internal Corporate Venture Contributions to Parent Organizations. Discussion Paper Session

* Tseng, C.H., Chen, S-F., Realigning Incentives of Acquirees and Acquirers: Leveraging Stock and Cash Payments.

Vergne, J-P., OMT Junior Faculty Consortium. Facilitator

Watkiss, L., The Dynamics of Collective Sensemaking. Discussion Paper Session, Session Chair

Watkiss, L., Contested Categories. Session Chair

* Yang, W., Meyer, K.E., How Does Ownership Influence Competitive Actions and Business Growth. Discussion Paper Session

* Yang, Y., Konrad, A.M., Corbett, B. (Adjunct), Organization or Market Oriented HRM Practices? Examining Their Effects on Employee Wages. Discussion Paper Session

Zbaracki, M., STR New Faculty Consortium. Participant


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