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Update: 2018-38

October 22, 2018

Forthcoming Refereed Articles

Arjalies, D-L., Durand, R., 2018, Product Categories as Judgment Devices: The Moral Awakening of the Investment Industry, Organization Science.

Banciu, M., Odegaard, F., Stanciu, A., 2018, Distribution-free Bounds for the Expected Marginal Seat Revenue Heuristic with Dependent Demands, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management.

Chen, J.Y., Dimitrov, S., Pun, H., 2018, The impact of government subsidy on supply Chains’ sustainability innovation, Omega.

DesJardine, M., Bansal, P., 2018, One step forward, two steps back: How external evaluations can shorten organizational time horizons, Organization Science.

Fremeth, A., Richter, B.K., Schaufele, B., 2018, Spillovers from Regulating Corporate Campaign Contributions, Journal of Regulatory Economics.

Heyes, A., Rivers, N., Schaufele, B., 2018, Pollution and Politician Productivity: The Effect of PM on MPs, Land Economics.

Lee, J.H., Trzcinka, C., Venkatesan, S.S., 2018, Do Portfolio Manager Contracts Contract Portfolio Management?, Journal of Finance.

Moroz, P. W., Branzei, O., Parker, S. C., Gamble, E., 2018, Making Opportunities Pro-social, Journal of Business Venturing. Enterprise Before and Beyond Benefit - First Issue

Seijts, G.H., de Clercy, C., Nguyen, B., 2018, Exploring How Canadian Voters Evaluate Leader Character in Three Cases: Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Journal of Canadian Studies.

van de Geer, R., den Boer, A.V., Bayliss, C., Currie, C., Ellina, A., Esders, M., Haensel, A., Lei, X., Maclean, K., Martinez-Sykora, A.,Riseth, A.N., Odegaard, F., Zachariades, S., 2018, Dynamic Pricing and Learning with Competition: Insights from the Dynamic Pricing Challenge at the 2017 INFORMS RM & Pricing Conference, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management.


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