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Update: 2018-41

November 12, 2018

Published Refereed Articles

Gelfand, M., Gordon, S., Li, C., Choi, V., Prokopowicz, P., 2018, One Reason Mergers Fail: The Two Cultures Aren’t Compatible, Harvard Business Review.

Gibassier, D., Rodrigue, M., Arjalies, D-L., 2018, 'Integrated Reporting Is Like God: No One Has Met Him, but Everybody Talks About Him.' The Power of Myths in the Adoption of Management Innovations, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, July, 31 (5): 1349-1380.

Henderson, A., Thoelen, G., Nadler, A., Barraza, J., Nave, G., 2018, Testing the influence of testosterone administration on men's honesty in a large laboratory experiment, Scientific Reports, 11556, 8.

Johnson, A.R., Folkes, V., Wang, J., 2018, When One Bad Apple Spoils Consumers' Judgment of the Brand: Exposure to an Employee's Non-Workplace Transgression and Potential Remedies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, July, 46 (4): 725-743.

Li, C., Isidor, R., Dau, L., Kabst, R., 2018, The more the merrier? Immigrant share and entrepreneurial activities, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, August, 42 (5): 698-733.

Lyons, J. (PhD Candidate), Bell, P.C. (Emeritus), Begen, M.A., 2018, Solving the Whistler-Blackcomb Mega Day Challenge, Interfaces, July-August, 48 (4): 291-397.

Montgomery, A.W., Lyon, T.P., Zhao, D., 2018, Not a Drop to Drink? Drinking Water Quality, System Ownership, and Stakeholder Attention, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, July, 56: 207-245.

Seijts, G.H., de Clercy, C., Nguyen, B., 2018, Exploring How Canadian Voters Evaluate Leader Character in Three Cases: Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Journal of Canadian Studies, Spring, 52 (2): 427-450.

Funding Opportunities

Mitacs - Accelerate

Mitacs-Accelerate is Canada's premiere research internship program. It connects companies with universities through graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, who apply their specialized expertise to business research challenges.

This program requires matching funds from industry partners (Canadian for-profit companies, or a Canadian business location of a foreign-owned for-profit company).

Amount: $15k (half from MITACS, half from industry partner)
Duration:  4 months to start
Deadlines:  Open

Western : Jennifer Hancock

Mitacs: Erin Azzopardi



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