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Update: 2018-43

November 26, 2018

Special Mention

The article “Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage” by Rob Austin and co-author Gary Pisano has been included in the book HBR’s 10 Must Reads for 2019: The Definitive Management Ideas of the Year from Harvard Business Review. The article was originally published in the May-June 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review. This is a strong tribute to the quality of the research. Congratulations Rob!

PhD Theses Completed

Chakravarty, D., 2018, Foreign Direct Investment in Global Cities and Co-Ethnic Clusters: Characteristics, Performance, and Survival, Advisor: Beamish P.W.

Choi, E., 2017, Mindfulness and Individual Error Orientation in High Reliability Organizations, Advisor: Konrad, A.M.

Gergin, D., 2018, Our Identities Are Different: Unpacking the Presence and Absence of Organizational Identity in Corporate Apologies, Advisor: Zbaracki, M.

Hsieh, Y., 2018, The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Coordination and Growth within Cryptocurrencies, Advisor: Vergne, J-P.

Khamitov, M., 2018, The Link between Consumer-Brand Relationships and Customer Brand Loyalty, Advisor: Thomson, M.

Nguyen, D., 2018, Three Essays on the Financial Capital Markets, Advisor: Sapp, S.

Stallkamp, M., 2018, Contemporary Perspectives on the Internationalization of Firms, Advisor: Schotter, A.

Wang, L,. 2018, Antecedents and Consequences of Share Distribution in Equity Joint Ventures: a Pricing-error Approach and Empirical Evidence, Advisor: Chen, S-F.

Funding Opportunities

SSHRC Insight Development Grants

Insight Development Grants support research in its initial stages. The grants enable the development of new research questions, as well as experimentation with new methods, theoretical approaches and/or ideas. Funding is provided for short-term research development projects, of up to two years, proposed by individuals or teams.

Amount: $7,000 to $75,000
Duration:  1-2 years

Ivey: January 8, 9am – submit draft for Ivey Review
        January 15 – Application returned after Ivey Review
RDS: January 25
SSHRC: February 2, 2pm

Information and Application  
CCV Login and CCV Instructions  
Workshop: Thursday, December 13th
9-10am, SSC 5220, RSVP


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