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Update: 2018-44

December 3, 2018

Conference Presentation and Speeches

Kashef, R.F., (June 2018), Predicting Cross-Selling and Upselling opportunities using consensus learning, Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) 2018 conference, Halifax, NS.

Kashef, R.F., (July 2018), Enhancing the Natural Grouping of Data Using Discrete Markov Chain, ASST, Cairo, Egypt.

Rahrovani, Y., (August 2018), Organizational Transformation via Digital Scaling, Academy of Management, Chicago, IL. Paper Development Workshop

Rahrovani, Y., Pinsonneault, A., Vaast, E., (August 2018), Expertise Diversity and Knowledge Integration in Innovative Teams, Academy of Management, Chicago, IL. Paper Development Workshop

Sarta, A. (PhD Candidate), (September 2018), What Shapes Attention to New Technology? A Multi-Level Study of Organizational Attention to FinTech by Incumbent Banks, 38th Annual Meeting of the Strategic Management Society, Paris, France.

Su, N., (November 2018), Navigating Qualitative Research: From Philosophical Paradigms to the Chinese Context, Forum on Case-Based and Qualitative Research in Business Administration in Chine, Haikou, China. Keynote speaker

Su, N., (September 2018), Engaging Students with Cases in the Digital Age, Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, Paris, France. Organizer

Su, N., (November 2018), Crafting Qualitative Research: From Ideation to Publication, Forum on Case-Based and Qualitative Research in Business Administration in China, Haikou, China. Research Workshop Invited speaker

Funding Opportunities

Western Postdoctoral Fellowships Program

Western’s Postdoctoral Fellowships Program is now open for applications. postdoctoral candidates, domestic and international are encouraged to apply. The program provides funding for the very best postdoctoral applicants, nationally and internationally, who will contribute positively to research excellence at the university and help advance Western's strategic research plan.

The Postdoctoral Fellowships Program’s objectives are to:

  • Attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent, nationally and internationally;
  • Develop their leadership potential; and
  • Position them for success as tomorrow’s research leaders.

Matching requirement: A minimum 1:1 funding match is required.

  • $20,000 + Benefits is provided through the Vice-President (Research); and
  • A minimum of $20,000 + Benefits must be committed by another source (e.g., grant money from a supervisor, industry funding, departmental or faculty-level support, etc.). Note: As this funding is intended to allow recipients to conduct research-intensive projects, remuneration for teaching (or teaching assistance) cannot be included as a component of the $20,000 match.

Please contact Shelley Bellyou or Kathy Laid by January 25 due to the matching funds requirement.

Deadline:  Western: February 8, 2019
Contact:   Goretti Fordyce, Contracts Officer, ext. 80180


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